Weta Tribute: Winners!


I like the way you think!

That is that…

Time to count the votes.



Guys, cmon…
Let´s take a deeper look at some examples:

He did use a “Simple reusable base mesh” (his own words). And them he modeled the first pass and edited it to fit his needs.
Does it make his work THAT easier? No way…
His work is great and that wasn´t because of his basemesh.

He didn´t show the basemesh he used. He spent A LOT of time modeling the highpoly version.

He showed us a already modeled basemesh too. There is no ‘steps of me modeling my basemesh’. I´m pretty sure he used some pieces from an older basemesh. And I don´t blame him. He did a great job, and spent a lot of time modeling the rest.

I´m here to have fun and learn, but some of you are going the opposite way. Everyone did a great job, and worked just like me. Most of the work is after the basemesh…

I just don´t know what to say… :confused:


There is no black and white.

But there is the hard fact that there are RULES !
I really doubt Roberto posted them for fun.

I want to have fun and learn something as well. And i did. But following the rules and seeing others bending them pisses me off. Especially if the subject is summoned and being ignored. If you think someone is not following the rules (willingly or unwillingly) it’s time to take your head out of your a-ho and ask. Do’t expect Roberto to have the time to check on everybody.

This is not about those few or many hours one saves by using those existing models. It’s about the point. Using those meshes is for production where time is money. This is not production. It’s a challenge where we should have fun all together.

Where has the fun gone ?

I’m longing for the fun we had during the steampunk star wars.


Nico, relax! I liked your orc entry, and I can’t understand why you’ve pulled it from the competition. I have to be honest and say that I feel that it’s your attitude that takes the fun out of it most. I really don’t see any reason to really care that much - even if Fabio had cheated outrageously, it doesn’t have any effect on what anyone else gains from the challenge. There’s no material reward, at best you get slightly more exposure for winning, but that really doesn’t count for much - not compared to the amount you can learn from these challenges, or having a nice piece for your showreel.

Having said that, if we accept that base meshes are easy to make, and quick enough to bang out, and take a fraction of the time of the final sculpt, I think it is worth sticking to the rule out of courtesy more than anything. It’s not asking much of us, and it stops anyone’s noses getting put out of joint. I guess just something worth bearing in mind for the future.


Well, i guess then i’m the one to blame for it all!

Next time i’ll be just a selfish prick and keep my posts to my own thread like some do.

I rest my case.


Seems like it has gone the people complaining and bitching way rather than observing, learning and criticizing from the works that are displayed.


I´ll give my votes later because there is too much quality in this entrys and i have to see them closely.

About the others things discussed i´d like to say:

.The goal of this challenges is to learn and be better…but not better than others, just better than before.

.Is a challenge and not a competition. Nobody should give importance of what others do, except to learn and share, wich is other main concept here.

.That being said…


.What is the point of the rules if they are constantly broken. If the rules don´t mean nothing, then it would be time to delete them?, or make explicit that they are a guide and those who don´t follow the rules will be eligible anyway.

And, i think that it would be great to have different categories, for Hard Modeling, and for sculpting…two things completely different. The skills and techniques used for those two things have little in comun.

So, what about a category of BEST TOPOLOGY ( clean polygons ready to be deformed with blend shapes and/or animation, with a great and logical flow of edges).

And BEST SCULPT (highly detailed sculpts made with zbrush, mudbox or similar software with good or garbage topology…dosn´t matter)

And it could be the case that the same model win the two of course, they are not excluyent from eachother.

All of this said with all the respect for the HMC and for the people who work and organize it. Because is a great challenge and i learned a lot when participate and is great for all that give it a try.

Well, cheers to all!


Best bust : jocz
Best WIP : Chen Qingmao
Best Prop: Pablo Roldán
Best model : nsb

( I think the best model was by fabio, but not as an entry because its unfair to the other contestants that one person can go over the rules where they followed them. The base human body is quite basic but the face has got modeling detail which would have taken at least some time to make, he saved that time)



I won´t try to change your vote… and please don´t…

But PLEASE look at NSB´s thread AGAIN. He also uses a base with modeling detail JUST AS I DID… And he tell us that pretty clear.
Please, don´t tell my entry was unfair… It hurt my feelings… :cry:

I´m not trying to change the rules or anything… I´m just saying that everybody had the same workflow. The thing I just don´t get is why everything is over me since the winner himself (nsb in this case) did the same thing…

Please be fair and read everyone´s threads again…


I don’t think Fabio started using his base model (which probably took enough hours to make) with the intention of taking a shorcut. If that would have been the case, then he wouldn’t have mentioned the base mesh already existed.

I think others never mentioned that when they showed the starting mesh.
This way it’s really hard to judge who bended the rules and who not.
And not by far to judge who should be pulled from the challenge.

Maybe next time people should be really paying attention to the guides that they most probably never read. It’s very obvious cause people always keep asking questions to roberto that were clearly stated in the rules.

So no need to vote blindely into what some people are shouting. My initial frustration was not directed to Fabio directly (Sorry for that Fabio) but just the spark that ignite a change in mentality.

Who knows


What do you mean ?
Favio Don’t follow the rules .
And favio said that nsb made the same thing .


Ok here are the results:

Thanks to all who participated on our last mini challenge.

We will have a BIG challenge up in the next few weeks

OK we have the winners:

Best Bust:

Jocelyn Zeller


I decided to create a 3D bust from an usused concept art from District 9. It was fun to work on a thing like that, despite the fact I was relocating in a new country :stuck_out_tongue:

concept from WETA

Best Prop:
Pablo Roldán

Wip thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…?f=208&t=851538

Best Model Collection:
[b]Robert Maxwell

Best Diorama & Best WIP
Fabio Pacheco
Hello, my name is Fabio Paiva and I decided to model weta´s sculpture of gollum.
It was very fun and it took me almost 2 weeks to finish. I used xsi for the basemesh, zbrush for modeling and 3dmax+vray for rendering.


And the Big One:

Best Model:
HMC 24 - Weta Workshop Challenge - concept- Asuka Langley Soryu


Attempted to sculpt wetas version of Asuka from the anime/upcoming(?) movie neon genesis evangelion.

Title: Weta Workshop Concept Art- Evangelion movie, Asuka.



Was alot of fun, look forward to the next challenge.


Congratulations everyone!!!

Now it´s all done.
Glad it´s finished. :]

See you next challenge!


Hey, I didnt mean to hurt your feelings, fabio. My apologies if I did that.
Yes, nsb did the same thing… I should have gone through all the threads but it was all the talk about your thread that I went through that first.

Besides that, I think you made a great model.


Fabio you are valued member of our little tribe, and I do look forward for more work from you.

having said that, lets talk more about the future


WETA TRIBUTE: Lessons Learned Lets talk (And I do have some concenrs)


congrats to all the winners!



well done everyone


Congrats to the winners!! AWESOME work all around! :beer:


Congrats to EVERYONE who entered and thanks to the people that voted.

Cyas at next challenge :slight_smile:


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