WETA Digital DVD - FK/IK spine HELP


I’ve been trying to do the FK/IK BackSolution tutorial on WETA Digitals DVD with Jason Schleifer. I cannot get my bones to scale with the scaling of the curve. I’ve tried both the scripts included as well as the step-by-step ways. Also, once I parent my clusters to the shoulder and hip controls, the clusters lose their effect on the curve, is this at all related?

Any response/experience with this tutorial is very much wanted, thank you.



did you orient your joints correctly first? it’s very very important that your joints are oriented as stated in the DVD…



heya mr. schleifer, i just wanted to say thank you for giving that lecture. the techniques you presented have helped me and many others out immensely. cheers.


Where can I get this DVD? I just got the fast rigs DVD from A|W, but it’s skipping past some prelim stuff I really need to learn…if I could just grasp the basic concepts of A|W bones and rigging, i’d be all set. Learning Maya books have a bunch of mistakes in them.




you can get the DVD they’re talking about from the same place you got the Fast Rigs DVD (its on the page before).

Here’s the Link: Maya Techniques | Integrating a Creature Animation Rig within a Production Pipeline

As for basic concepts, I posted some tut links in this thread. Also, someone else started a whole thread on Tutorials for people new to rigging, that is avaliable here

If ya have any questions on rigging, eveyone here will help ya out.

best of luck!


cool. I’m trying to animate a triangle right now, but add human characteristics, so of course my first time out of the gate I’m doing something unconventional. I may post my initial rig to get some feedback on it too. the joints aren’t lining up with the bones. Instead, they rotate on global coordinates and I’m trying to figure out something that’s actually and probably pretty basic–haven’t found a tute or reference on this bit yet.

Thanks-I’ll go check out those links and see if they answer my question.





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