wet iron, Corrado Ficarelli (2D)


Title: wet iron
Name: Corrado Ficarelli
Country: Italy
Software: Photoshop

Hi everyone, this is the image of a soldier of fortune, a mercenary. Maybe in that moment someone is recruiting him for a fight or a personal truble, I don’t know. What I know is that the soldier is ready to kill…
This is a pencil sketch colored with photoshop.
Hope you like it…


love the mood! great! :thumbsup:


Very great face!! I love your work very much^^


I like the blue tone and atmosphare of this concep. Especially beautifull are the knights and horses eyes.

Maybe more details woud make the picture more interesting.


GusMukin,victorior,anezka thank you for your comments and critics.


Bravo Corrado, very nice job in deed, love the color grading and texture, the fill over all is moody and dark, perfect for the described situation!


Great mood, I agree.

I do think, however, the positioning of the horse’s front legs are a bit awkward in relation to the body, perhaps there needs to be more separation, or perhaps the right hoof should be turned outward a little bit. Also, as much as I love the emotion of the knight, maybe his hair should be a little wet from all the rain (unless of course, he just uses a lot of hair gel).


I love the overall mood: very ominous.


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