Westminster palace



I want to do begin a relatively big project, the Westminster Palace fully in 3D.

I’ll try to be as detailed and faithful to the original as possible…

Here are the first facades.

See you for the next updates…



Here are the next levels of the facade:

See you for the next updates…



Tried to plug these are they jpg or png? If png upload a jpg and we can feature these. An incredible amount of work, Hope to see the finished results of this!


Hi Travis,

Thanks for your message. You are right it was png format , I have modify it in the last post with jpg format.




Here is some advancement, I have redo the gargoyle and do the roof.

Cu for next steps…



i can’t figure out how you get so many details modelled in, or how is it done?


You have a picture of your reference material on one monitor and you model it in the 3d application of your choice on the other. A proper artist as opposed to someone that traces.


Looks great so far, so much details.