Werewolf WIP


Hey all,
Here is my werewolf model (WIP) for my demoreel, any C&C would be great, cheers!!!

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DUDE! Where you been?!

BTW, you image isn’t working.



Heya BgDM,

Yea, iv not been to ElY for ages, been heaps busy with school and all. Hope things are going well for you and that your still Blending!!! :wink:

Still trying to find a good site to host my images, will fix this prob shortly… (i hope)…

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Here is an html with the pic, sorry for the inconviniance…





Nice start. Looks like VFS has helped you improve your skills some. Not that they really needed a whole lot.

Glad to hear school is going well.

I’m still Blending like a mad man. Check out my Witch WIP here.



woah… now i feel bad about the toon shaded warewolf i did… its awsome


Sort of looks like Anubis.


the feet look rather round and small, and don’t seem to merge with the legs very… muscularly. considering that he’s a werewolf, and considering how muscular he is, i would imagine he’d have many more tendons in the ankle.

also, i see what you’re trying to do with the feet but perhaps you’re not seeing something quite right :wink: the “second backwards knee” is in fact his ankle. he should be, techincally, walking around on his tiptoes. it’s hard to understand because we humans do not have such long feet, and our ankles are on the ground :wink: but the part of his foot on the floor should not have an ankle. it’s very difficult to explain, if you don’t understand i could post a picture showing what’s wrong :slight_smile:

the anatomy, musculature, and stance of this guy are great :thumbsup: he looks like someone you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark forest.


BgDM: Thanks man, good to see you again, i should visit elY soon and say howdy to some of me old friends there soon!!! :slight_smile:

maskdartist: Thanks for the comment, tho dont feel bad im sure your model was good as well, and toon shading is something iv never done but heard it can be quite hard to get it to look right. Will look for your post!!!

slaughters: Your right, he does have an Anibus look to him, speaking of Anibus would be a great subject to model…hmmmmm… :slight_smile:

DrakeX: You are right as well sir, the feet were totally goofed!!! A classmate pointed this out to me just after i posted, and iv been tweaking on that and a few other areas as well. Thank you for pointing that out tho, i do appreciate!!! How do you think they look now?

Update at: http://www.stormpages.com/bapsis/werewolf2.html

I still have to add lots, of course, like seratus (spelling?) muscles around the ribs and he definatly needs nipples. Hopefully i can finish him soon 'cuz i still need to unwrap, texture, rig and add dynamic hair… in the next 3 weeks…:eek: :eek: :eek:

Thanks again for your critique guyz, if you have any more let 'em rip!!! :slight_smile:





muuuuuuch better feet :thumbsup:

“he definatly needs nipples”

haha :slight_smile: just the way you said it made me laugh.

i understand the concept of deadlines as well. i have an entire game to design and program in the next 2 months for school :eek:



Hey all,

I’m still working away at my werewolf, thought i would update my WIP post and see if i could fish for anymore C&C to help me out in making it better.

I have 2 new screenshots of the model as well as an animation test that includes texture and hair, its a 120kb divx so its good and small.

The update is at:





I would exagerate on the forearms and make them a bit longer. Same thing with his hands as they don’t really match the way you did his feet. His arms just seem to human and not a good mixture of wolf and human. Long fingers and longer forearms I think would give him more of that werewolf feel. Rent the Howling (good reference). But all in all the model is solid work and I dig the look of its face. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the C&C DD, i appreciate it!!! :slight_smile:

I just found picserv.tk or whatever so can imbed images now, same shot as the first one on the werewolf3.html page.



Hey alll,

Still working away at the werewolf, i have enlongated and exagerated his hands and forarms, as well as tweaking the muzzle a bit as suggested by a friend. As well as a bit more detail in shortz.

Anywayz, just thought i would post the update an see if i could get any last min model advice before i start the unwrap again.




Well, from a “friend”, that looks a lot better. I really like the definition of the muzzle now and the hands look way better too.



why not host your images on the vfs server? everyone does that. anyways your model has many problems, the design to begin with is not that interesting ,feet look ok , shorts look bad man , i know you wanted to give them that teared up look at the bottom , but it looks wrong right now , you should do some tears in a transparency map it will look better also that seam at the sides of it are suppose to be in not out , torso is looking ok , too squared at the chest , the abs and ribcage look weird too , they dont look natural too hard in many areas and they dont flow smoothly like real abs. arms and hand look out of shape too , you tried to put alot of details in the abs but the arms and the rest of it are pretty basic in comparison to that so the model overall looks odd, now the head man , he has really weird lips/jawline/nose/ears …the lips dont have that huge split you have in there be it werewolf/human etc . ears are just extruded and not payed much attention to, go in there and add some more detail , jaw is too squared , now for the most important part of his face , the eyes, its just an eyesocket at the moment no real eyelids/folds/creases , i know you heard many times that this is where people look at right away and its the soul of your character, spend the time and make them look right grab some reference and try to recreate some believable eyes, and eyebrows too ,. well i hope that will help you man… and also work on your animation/lighting/texturing/etc your animation is too symmetrical now how many times did magic tell us about this hehe , lighting is very flat , also that fur looks very very wrong , anways i may have been a bit hard but its reality man. i wish you best of luck and hope youy can fix this by grad…

also classmate says,for a werewolf he needs more of a hunch…


I like this model although he reminds me more of Anubis in some areas than a werewolf. Somehow the ears are slightly more doglike than wolflike. Actually there’s a bit of Scooby doo type werewolf in there.

Making the hands bigger has improved the balance of the whole piece - maybe making them even more animalistic might work.

I can imagine it with his shoulders thrown back and a little more dynamism to the way he’s standing but you can always get the pose sorted out later. As he is it looks a little flat but I’m sure you’ll fix that up.

Generally the modelling’s looking good, nice work.

(Edit: I really ought to read all the other posts before I comment. I was beaten to the Anubis comment by Slaughter.)


though i don’t agree with everything rayfusion said, i will have to agree that the jaw is too square, and the chest/abs area looks boxy and… weird. however the detail… it looks like you worked on just the torso since the last update, so i can understand if it’s imbalanced.

have you worked on the back as well?


That’s a cool design, but the head has abit of a jackal-look to it ( I would make it more Wolf-like )
but otherwise its a cool model ! keep up the good work.


Hey all,

 Here is a list of a few of the changes i've made:
 1) Remodled the sides to more resemble a rib cage
 2) Lessend the "Cuts" of the seratus area to more match the detail elsewhere on the model
 3) Remodled the cheekbone, snout, skull and forhead areas as well as enlarged and shaped the nose to more wolf proportions
 4) Redefined the lip area
 5) Added more forarm detail
 6) Added more knuckle and tendon details to the hands
 7) Enlarged the thumb and fingertips for a less human and exagerated hand
 8) Reshaped the bicep and tricep area, as well as added the bicep vein
 9) Rounded out the ribcage and pec area to get rid of some of the squarishnesss
  1. Better fitted the waist around the waistline of his shorts, took out the shredded shorts detail and will try using textures for this instead

    1. Hunched up the back which did give him a more “beefy” look

    2. Rounded off the jaw so it wasnt so sharp where it connects to the neck area

There are probably quite a few more changes that i made that i’ve forgotten to list here, been working on it non-stop since my last post, havin’ great fun tho!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much for the C&C, i appreciate it muchly!!! :slight_smile: