we're not alone, Canderle Damien (3D)


Excellent modeling! The skin looks very… ehm… “skiny” :slight_smile: Is it jus modeling, or a bump map?


great modelling and texturing, it reminds me a move, cant remember which one


I love how you use Zbrush do you do all ore most your textuer work with z-Brush


Its just … awsome work buddy.


Scarey and cool at the same time, Good job! :thumbsup:



Incredible.:eek: :buttrock:


Amazing detail and composition. One question…are the two centered, symmetrical indentations high on the browplate completely biological, or symbolic ? Very, very cool. This Xeno is definitely one of the best I’ve seen.


Very nice, great work ! good alien design :thumbsup:


I think all the matter is a digital camera and a captured alien on the roof…

Great job man…


i love the metallic skin! Nice, very nice!


Really Great Work.
just great.:slight_smile:

Hamed Katebi


This is one of the most lifelike images I’ve seen in awhile. Great job with Zbrush! The detail in the skin and lips is amazing. I love it.


Oh my God what measure of details.
Excellent work.


kao tai qiang le


Nice details!


This looks ace, and so real. If this weren’t cgtalk I would think it was made from clay. I really admire all you Z-brush folk, I still can’t get my head round this 2.5d stuff. Keep it up big man! Great style.


really like it, the quality of the skin is so real, it’s got a lot of plasticity, beautiful


great job. i like its uniqueness. great coloring and lighting. love the veins.


You Done a SUPERB Job …


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