we're not alone, Canderle Damien (3D)


Title: we’re not alone
Name: Canderle Damien
Country: France
Software: (Other), ZBrush

Hi there
it’s my first alien.
base mesh in modo, Highres in zbrush, render in modo, postwork in photoshop

Hope you like it;)


Coooooool. Kind of different style of an alien, like the colors and this bightness on the skin…perfect to me…
Just one critique…I think you could crop the image on it lowest part.
Anyway, it looks so cool!


Lots of nice details there - plus a really nice, tight final image. Well done!


freaky, detailed and nice work mate


Very good. I like the material used on the eyes, it really draws you in.


finally good alien design :slight_smile:
is not an bloody alien like usually, but an normal live creature.
i like it alot, except a neck, for me is too thin.
and i miss color on it.
amazing work 5+ :smiley:


first alien great alien 4*
awesome details and anatomy


great work. the render is beautifull

superbe travail, la lumiere et le rendu sont terribles ! . juste le cadrage qui me gène. le petit bout qui depasse en bat à gauche…



Woooohooo… great modeling and lighting!
Looks very real! I don´t want to meet one
of those! Phantastic render and work.
5 stars from me… Keep it up… that alien


One word, personality! I’m glad you didn’t do the whole, dead-horse, “this is my alien that 10,000 other people do” model :slight_smile:


Cool work! Looks very realistic, like photo of clay model :slight_smile: I like it very much, keep it!


Very nice work in textures and modelling, I love the shader of the skin.


epic! :twisted:
however, i think the sheen is too much on its top lip.


lovely stuff …one of the better alien designs I’ve seen.


Very cool, I like the detail on the top of the head and around the back of the skull.


sweet ! how does modo work with zbrush ? is there a tutorial that shows a base model transferred to zbrush then sent back to LW/MAX/XSI and rendered ? basically a workflow of 3d app with zbrush.


really nice, I love the shape of it


wow wow wow! Be- a - ootif - il

Love the feel that it gives me like its an old photo. Very nice work

4 stars!


clap clap clap, killer design, really good works:bounce:


nice !
i like it~