Welt 1 , Frank Meinl (3D)


Title: Welt 1
Name: Frank Meinl
Country: Germany
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Here we are. One of my latest work for practicing. It takes almost 2 month for modelleing, texturing and setup the scene.
Textures are made in Photoshop and taken photos of my own. Model is created with 3ds max and rendered in VRay with HDRI. I´m still learning render setup´s to get better results, i know this can be improved, but i want to start with another one to test other settings. So enjoy…


Very cool stuff! Fantastic design and good texture! 4 stars.


Very cool work dude.

Nice textures and concept.


Nice one … the “mars” atmosphere fits quite well with the image. The only thing that could be fixed is the resolution of the background image since it is very blured, or did you do than on purpose?


I can’t see how that render could have been improved to be honest. Well worth the time you spent on it :thumbsup:


Thank you for all the comments so far!

InTerceptoV: The blurness of the background is created by ZDepth channel.


Great scene - I really like the mood it generates. :thumbsup:

Excellent textures and lighting!

Very well done


2 month?:sad:
full time or part time?


Very cool - great atmosphere!


Cool render, reminds me of Daniel Dociu’s work…


  • Neil


super arbeit, lobenswert finde ich die ausgefallene idee und die gelungene umsetzung.
// die welt ist klein… falls dir bad homburg was sagt, weisst du warum :wink:

great peace of work. i really commend the fancy idea as well as the successfull implentation!
keep it up buddy.


wow, the lighting is great!
beautiful composition!

it deserves to be seen in bigger resolution.


heh, I sort of thought the same thing at first. No offense meant against your image of course, this looks cool!


soulburn3d is right, it does remind me of Daniel Dociu’s work… probably because the concept is so original and this 3D image is so close to it, duh- hey Digitalwerk I think it’d be a good idea for you to give credit to the artist who’s concept you used for inspiration and reference- even if its just for practice or whatever… its a small industry man- if I were you, I wouldn’t wanna step on any toes.

 Art Directory,  ArenaNet
 "FishFort"- concept  for Guild Wars Factions

-Horia Dociu
(Daniel’s son- in case you’re wondering)


I’d be a good idea if you gave credit to the artist who did the concept you used for reference/inspiration… its a small industry, I wouldn’t step on any toes if I were you…

Art Directory, ArenaNet
“Fish Fort” -concept for Guild Wars Nightfall, NCsoft

-Horia Dociu
(Daniel’s son, fyi)


[font=Verdana]5stars from me!

gr8 work:thumbsup:[/font]


Hey what an interesting job … :eek::thumbsup:
I like it …
4 stars .
cheers .


Cool. A little to orange for me. But thats just my odd taste. The back ground blur doesnt bother me. But far better than my pieces. Good Job!

I didnt know the 3D work was so similar to the referance/ inspiration work. Thats funny that the son of the artist calls you on it. burn.

Some credit is always due in my opinion.


really nice work all round

great concept and modelling, nice mood and lighting an d a great render

congrats pal.


I’m a big fan of Daniel Dociu’s work.

I don’t appreciate you used one of his designs wihout:

  1. Saying his name and his part in the pic
  2. asking if he’s ok that you post this pic on this forum, knowing that now it’s no more for training but for being known.

1 star for me, not much, for the attitude.