Well Done, Daniel Schmid (3D)


Title: Well Done
Name: Daniel Schmid
Country: Mexico
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi there!
This image is part of a project I’m working with a couple of friends at work: Salvador Ramírez and Omar Sealthiel.
The idea is that Salvador will create one concept each month, then Omar models it, and I take the texturing,
shading, lighting and compositing.
This is the final image, having a great and very expresive concept from Salvador and the highly detailed model that
Omar provided, I decided to experiment with the lighting approach, I wanted to pursue the Pixares style, like
the one found in “ratatouille”.

I hope you like the image… I’ll post the WIP later on.
Artists link
Salvador (http://www.reevolver.deviantart.com/)


Hey Guys, this is the Original Concept From Chava.

Chava’sCGtalk Gallery


Very nice piece! well done. The detail is really nice and follows the concept in a very close way congrats:bounce:


Congratulations… a very good job…


well done guys :beer:

omar sealtiel


Cute character.

Nice modeling and texturing Daniel.


hey here some full rez crops




ohhh yeah, and you get exited?
jaja jk

great job guys keep it going !!


The Viewport view:

And this is my Light SETUP !


A W E S O M E render!!!




Oh, boy she is so funny, I love your render, thanks for sharing light setup. The model is brilliant


I second that, its really hard to find tutorials about lightning

Hey I want to play too! Am here from zapopan



hehe nice character ! well done


Sweet, Man!

I love it! only critic for the skin shader!
Looks a plastic in the brighter areas!!
thanks for the light setup! did u used Final Gather?

Congrats :slight_smile:


there`s a funny looking character. the mood is amazing. 5 stars from me


Gorgeous !


very very wonderful & funny h3h3h3h3 every think is ok

ceep on & goodluck


Hey tnx to all!

Pedroconti: no finalgather for this pice, because im trying yo use this kind
of lighting setup for production, every secundary bounce are fake!
Thats why are yo Many lights!


Wow, really did a wonderful job creating this character. She is lovely, nice work.