Weld and Merging problems PLEASE HELP!!!


I weld some points on head model,but when I freeze subpatches, points on model,which I welded is doesnt merget.When I merge them, everything is perfect, but I wanna have model in subpatche mode, so I put it to Layout, but Layout doesnt merging points, so model is not merged. I really dont know, where is the problem. I trying this in other objects, weld line of points,put it to layout and everything is fine, but in head model no. Please help me. And when I delete the half of the head and mirror the seccond one, points in center is ton merget too, i really dont get that.
I can send the head model, if You want to. please help …


If I am understanding you correctly, you have a sub-D head model with unwelded
pieces. I am guessing that when you do a merge - you produce n-gons which
cause your hithertoo beautiful appearing model to look render badly. For this,
I’d reccomend going over your model one last time and ensuring that all your
quads are solid. That you have no 2-pt stranded polys, etc. The Statistics panel
(w) is a great way to spot these. Also if you do merge edges and discover that
you now have n-gons - you can simply select those polys, isloate them (=), then
split them as needed to get 3 and 4 sided, and valid polys.

You also mentioned that when you mirror your object that the shared verticies (on X
axis by default) get welded. If you don’t want them to weld - you can either a)
move them off the axis [ which will leave a gap ], or b) press N to open the numeric
panel when you select Mirror and de-select the weld points option.

Hope I understood your issue correctly, and that this helps :slight_smile:



Does the head model have any endomorphs? Your situation happened to me once where everything was welded and I would still get a seam when I Sub-D’ed the head. I figured out the problem and that was that I did all of my facial expression endomorphs, then decided that I needed to add some new geometry. Unforturnately the endomorphs prevented me from welding the new geometry correctly to the old geometry, thus giving me a seam.

Is this the case for you?



Yeah, thanks all of You guyes, especially VRLJC. This is the problem exactly.Now everything is perfect. thanks a lot


yeah, when I delete all endomorphs, everything is fine, but how I can fix this problem without deleting the morphs? In endomorphs I cant see some problems, I unweld every polygons and merge it and where is the seams, points are not welded. So I welded it manually. In all morphs are all points welded now, but when I sub-Ded the model, the seam are still there. What I have to do to fix this?


I’ve hit something that sounds like this recently.

Check to make sure there isn’t a polygon somewhere along that spline {should be “seam”}. It might even be perpendicular to the seam, internal to the geometry and unseen. Or two point polys.


I’ve found that since about 6.5, Lightwave has a problem merging points once a map has been applied. Usually this problem pops up with UV maps for me, but I’m sure it’ll apply to Endomorph and Weight maps. It seems to me that points not only have to lie in 3D space to merge, but also exist in the UV space at the same point…the answer (from my limited experience)- weld, don’t merge- it’s a pain in the rear, but unfortunately it’s the only answer that seems to work every time for me.

buddha bob


I am glad that we have figured out the problem. Here is another solution:

You don’t have to delete the morphs yet! In fact, don’t. I have actually two solutions for you. I am not sure if either will work but lets give it a go.

#1 Find out where the seams are, select the those points that are affected and clear them from the maps. Then you should be able to merge those points now that they are not attached to a map. You can tell if a point is attached to any map by selecting a point and opening the info window. Unfortunately when u clear that point from the map, it will go back to its base position. If it is only a few points, then you can simply place it back in the morph after you have merged it.

#2 Not sure if this will work, but copy the head object and paste it into a new layer. In this new layer, clear all maps from the head. Note: Do NOT delete the map, clear it. Merge the points in the head to eliminate the seams. Now what we are going to do is use the background to morph tool. Load up a morph target on the origional head, and change this layer to be a background layer. Make sure the new head layer is the fore layer. Run the background to morph tool and see if this works. It might not because for this tool to work properly, both the fore layer and background layer usually need to be the same model in poly and point count. If it does, repeat these steps for each morph target.

Hope this helps and respond if you are confused by anything.



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