Welcome! What are some of the challenges you have with environment


Hi, my name is Samantha. I’m a final year student studying animation.
I am pretty new to environment design though I have tried my hand at creating some myself.
My greatest struggle is with composition and lighting; I cannot do without references.


Hi everybody My name is Jonathan and Im a self-taught artist, thanks for the opportunity I will love to improve my art!
Here is a great reference in my opinion Im always looking for making some Epic things.!


Hi, I’m a graphic designer, but in this year I started a process for change of my work. I hope change all this things and transfer my process of design to digital art. The true is I never made a environment art professional, until now. But I make sometimes few drawings or sketches randomly.

My main focus is the science fiction and futurism style. I can say my references may are all classic those movies of science fiction like Star Wars (mainly) Interestellar or others as Blade Runner, so all this cultural background is my inspire since my childhood.

Of course I can share some artists that for my are the best in this point for example https://boringmike.cgsociety.org/ Boring Mike I like his combination 3D with 2D.

Scott Richard is other guy inspire me. https://www.artstation.com/scottrichard I love all these things like it. Buildings, exotic planets, landscape futurism or alien.

Finally I attach one of my arts in digital. How you can see I’m a new in this, but I would like learn much more.


Hello! So, I would love to get better at rendering in more painterly style, I’ve been working in thumbnails, sketches, and studies (focusing on shapes, composition, perspective and values) since my last participation on the Sketch Challenge 2018 (1/30: Abandoned magic college); but when it comes to get into a final render I have some problems in the transition between sketch (lineart and midtones), and start painting and detailing with “freedom” because I feel my self “chained” to follow the sketch to perfection, when also I’ve seen a lot of artist just doing strokes here and there, the composition begins to reveal and so on until the final piece.
As references, I just love the art of the environment team at Naughty Dog: Eytan Zana, Aaron Limonick, John Sweeney and all this legends


I am actually curious about the inverse square law. I have only seen it when designing 3D scenes in 3DS Max when I’m setting up lighting.

Wow some of these works are beautiful and amazing. I really need to practice more haha. My last landscape painting I couldn’t seem to get past the clouds and mountain peaks. Foliage for an open landscape seems to be a huge problem for me and I probably know why but haven’t had the training (self or otherwise) to better myself.

I’m really hoping my work schedule doesn’t interfere with this because just the learning alone is what I’m here for. Already have an idea and reference material for what I want to do. Which is funny because before I discovered this, I literally had started planning a massive self project.


my name is Arghavan
I’ve been trying to self teach and be a freelancer even thou I went to art school my major was graphic design which I don’t like so I am trying to work in 2d illustration -animation -concept - manga and comic and…
anything artistic takes my attention and I try to use anything as influence as well it simply deepens on my mode like this one I used a war picture of a chines child who was killed by Japaneses

solider in nanking

I really look forward this because I"m soo new in digital and I lack so much self confidence in art ( usually my art won’t be noticed either and it’s hard to find jobs ) but I like to try and not give up easily anymore

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Hi there. My name is Lucas Salvador and I work as 2D artist at Hoplon.
I am more of a character type of artist, but I tried a bit of environment some time ago: here is an exemple
I have difficulties maintaining the painting inside the shapes, the more I render the messier it gets.
I’m good at telling stories, I love lore and worldbuilding, in fact, I’ve been writing more than drawing, even at my work.
I think my big inspirations come from stories and horror, especially H.P. Lovecraft, and I hope that someday I will be proficient enough to tell an awesome moment in a story with a single drawing :grin:


Hey everyone! So basically Im pretty sure I struggle with everything environment related, I feel like I do understand a small but about shape, but even that is stretching it. I’ll attach my most recent work


edit: I am self taught so please send help lol.


Hello, My name is Steven. I have been away from full-time design and 3D creation for some time. I have made some life choices about where I have raised my children that has limited me on the jobs I have. If you lived where I do you would understand. That being said. I have many years in 3D design and development. But mostly in the modeling and rendering of products and vehicles. I have always used reference for backdrops. I would love to expand my capabilities to help me create the environs I have in my head.

I have had a couple of short film ideas in my head for some time. One I have even written a script for. I am hoping this course will help me realize my ideas better to spur me into production.

I am hoping to get some feedback from industry professionals on my concepts. Whether or not they are worth pursuing.

I look forward to the conversation and comradery.


During college, my drawing courses where focused mainly in figure drawing, also I have not been drawing since I got a job as a 3d artist in the Indie GameDev world, so my skills are pretty rough.
One of the main skills I would like to imporve is my perspective drawing, I also was always pretty bad drawing digitally, for some reason, my lines in the computer were awfull compared to my sketchbook. And finally, i would love to learn better painting techniques, muddy colors and too much color blending always haunt me hahaha.


Hello! I am just interested in how to better my environmental designs in general. Even though I teach perspective, I have never been strong at environmental designs. I know, this is weird but for Me; I heavily utilize perspective in my drawings of creatures, and characters. So I am looking forward to just getting a stronger grasp on environmental design in general.


Hey! I havn’t really gotten any great experiences with environmental art although this is an area that I do want to master. The closest thing I’ve done is probably this.

I imagine some of my inspiration will be fantasy based with heavy focus on not being exaggerated (I don’t like when people try to oversell the impression - less is more). Perhaps some World of Warcraft like environment.

My primary concern is probably perspective and how that translates into color use (and how it fades depending on distance).


I would like to get better at overall composition and complex shape integration.

" For example I have a scene of a temple on a cliff that is viewed from a adventurers perspective. This temple can be seen from the outskirts of the city adjacent to it. "

I can draw the temple in the distance but the details /shapes in the foreground dont seem to fill out the composition like i want.

Something I do well though is I am very creative and inventive with a strong sense of value and scale.



Would you say that your environments lack tension or a sense of dynamism ?

Do you ever explore other camera angles ?

I love your top example very vibrant and full of life :slight_smile:


Gorgeous work… :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,
I think my problem is that I am just terrible at drawing. Here you have a couple of my jobs so you can see how I bring home the bacon:


Hey everyone, my name is Srish. the major problem I face while attempting environment concepts is proper framing and composition of my entire piece. I end up with many elements in my frame looking out of place or distracting to the eye.
I cannot really say im good at any part of it as im just a noob. Although i could say that im decent at adding details to my pieces, though at times, it may prove to be of no use. I hope to learn a great deal from all you guys :slight_smile:
I take heavy inspiration from the work of Feng Zhu as his designs are unearthly and the sense of scale created in his pieces are truly amazing . Below is one of his works.


hi my name is Sandra. I am woefully inadequate in all things 2d. But my biggest weakness is knowing how to use brushes. So very much at the basics. One thing I am fascinated by is story and love the coming together of visual symbols to help support a story. I also love planning a scene and using my imagination in art. I am getting okay with pencil. Digital art i can do just a little, and am glad to get some more practice this upcoming month.

Here are some inspirational art:
hugh ferris

martin lewis