Welcome to the Digital Matte Painting forum!


vfxmunkey: whoah! i just realized that i forgot to welcome you… so here it goes… welcome to the forums mate!


Hi all
very nice initiative.
So, here’s my pic:


Never imagined you like that Sorin :smiley:


thnx for posting Sorin! I actually saw that same pic on another site which inlcuded your works in their feature. As I remember, it was included in a free PDF which was of course inspiring and quite usefull for newbies like myself :smiley:


Thanks dude. I’ll add you as a friend on DevArt. Err… wait… I already have haha. Small world.


Here’s my recent mugshot.


It’s always interesting to see the face behind the avatar

emails, phone calls etc. As a freelancer I don’t know what 95% of my clients look like, and they me.

I haven’t visited this forum lately but hope to be inspired to work on another matte soon with the nice work shown here.

Happy ’08 everyone!
*I’ll have to edit out that last line when March rolls around. :)[/i]


I’ll post an image soon - I’m just very busy working on matte paintings and concept work (haha.)



OK, you asked for this.


Here I cooome…the moment everybody was waiting for :smiley:



He, you can see his face, when turning the monitor-brightness up (hehe)!


Ok, you’re all gonna think im some kind of Post-Apocalyptic creature after this, but i dont have a regular photo on my comp… ill get my girlfriend to take one this weekend when she comes to stay. I promise there is a reason for the gas mask! I used to work with spray paints all the time :slight_smile:

Anyway here is a weird shot of me…

Sorry i didnt see this thread sooner!



Oh, and i forgot to ask, Kutkin - how old are you? (if you dont mind my asking)



Not that I understand anything from that photo Nick :smiley: Even mine is brighter haha:bounce:


@Nick: Not very old obviously :smiley: Gonna turn 17 in two months.


hello…greetings to all…:). i am waheednasir, fine and cg artist, do concepts, mattes and texturing as well as make light, color and mood keys. i do visit this lovely section and i think i might start posting here too. mostly share my work in the 2D Finished Work section.

this is a great place with some really good work to enjoy, ill be around…:).

cheers all.


Just realised i post in this forum but i’ve not introduced myself in here yet!

Hi all, i’m Tom, currently still a student at the ncca bournemouth(uk) but in my final year. I don’t have any work in my gallery at the min, but there should be something up in there soon

and er, yeah… i like matte painting :slight_smile:


but how did u then? :smiley:


Hello everyone,

 My name is Edward Grad, I’m a digital matte artist from Toronto Canada, matte painting was area of my concentration for last 3 years. I have BAF degree in Fine Arts (painting, composition, drawing, photography), and Diploma from Toronto Film School in Computer Animation in Post Production. I was working in film industry for 3 years, mostly done work such as 3D animation, texturing, compositing and art consulting. I have 13 years of experience in graphic design/mass media industry. Past 3 years I worked on many different types of projects; starting making visual effects for music videos, TV channels, later I worked at Autodesk were I did art consulting, animation, compositing, and latest was compositing job for “Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix”.

 After this amazing project I decide not to work for a while, and put all my time into creation strong matte painting portfolio. I always dreamed to use in film industry, my passion and experience in traditional art.

Here is my latest matte painting, Waiting for your critiques

 Edward Grad

 Digital matte artist/3D environments 





Here is “Astoria”.


i turned 17 in December.