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I’m a nower
This is my first post here~~


Hi all…

this is my 4th post… woosh!

sits down and quietly makes notes…

  • also! where is the best place to go for feedback about my work?



It depends on the type of work which you do. If you do 2D work, the WIP/Critique: 2D, Illustrations and Concept Art is best.

Check out all the WIP Forums here:

Work in Progress and Critique

You should be able to find someplace to interest you.

Good luck!




does anyone know if where i can download maya 6


sykmethodz - Look in the Lighting, Rendering or Compositing forums.

FOGG - If you’re asking about the PLE version, then go to the Alias website. If you’re asking about cracked software, then you are risking getting banned here.


good luck to you every day!


I just feel like thanking everyone on this forum, I’m learning so much here! And not just the tutorials, but also things like artists wisdom and stuff like that. Love it!


Amen to that :smiley:


This is my first post on CGSociety, I am very excited to join this massive community and I hope I can lots from it :slight_smile: I am studying computer animation in uk. Most stuff I came across is 3d or programming, but I am still have interested the principle of art because it is the backbone of any kind of 2d/3d art medium. I reckon is section will be very useful to all kinds of 2d/3d artist.


I’m seeking to follow my bliss; it beats going straight to hell!

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thanks for starting this. I really need that


Just now finding this, Thanks.


Just a suggestion maybe it was already posted. It’s possible to make a post about environment design because first they don’t see a lot of pictures concerning this topic, and where there could be tuto, reference, inspiration, how to draw in big format from a thumbnail for example. Because personally I bought the dvd of feng (shot design env.) which me helped precisely to understand all this definitely but since I want to know about it more.
It is just a suggestion perhaps its not a good idea.
And yeah thank you for your work it’s amazing :slight_smile:


Old thread, but just wanted to add my thanks as well!

I have so much to learn…so little time…but must approach art as though I had all the time in the world.


This is my First post in cgsociety community.I am an artist and I like discussion about art.


Hi, new to cgsociety and new to the art techniques and theories forum. I think I’ll be coming back here a lot.