Welcome to the Art Techniques and Theories Forum!


“One detail you missed–the caps lock key?”


I think this is a excellent idea, I award the moderators that spearheaded this forum 5 friend dollars…EACH!

Looking forward to what this forum will bring.




This has been something I have wanted to see more of on this site. As stated, there are tons of great work that our community has so graciously allowed each other to see. I hope and pray that it is a focused discussion forum, one where we can push the envelope and astonish the world!

Thank You CGTalk!


Great! this discussion!!

Tks! :thumbsup:


A long overdue addition to the CGtalk family of forums! Great stuff.


This is cool. Me like. Can’t wait to see it really get going! :thumbsup:


Surely this is a must have forum for all artist to share or talk about art and grow there creativeness together with the other artists of the world. You guys are doing a great job you Forum Leaders.

Best step to take.


this is just what i needed from a forum. can’t wait to start posting some of my stuff.


As I am a Carver of Wood & Wax I find this new addition to be wonderful. It will give artist of all kinds an opportunity to participate more fully. Thank You so much.


Thank you for doing this. I can’t wait to see where this new forum goes.


your effort is appriciated and it’s a big one but u should also do somethin for people like me who r new to the field ad want to learn. please give us some more tutorials. thanks


The sticky thread called “Art Theory Links” at the top of the forum is where you would find all that you need. Some of those links can contain just as much learning information as years of art school, and they are for both beginners and advanced artists.


It’s great to see a community initiated for 2D artists inorder to enhance the interaction between a variety of artists :slight_smile:
The links are most educational, it’s a great help!:thumbsup:

Look forward to more new links:D


About a week ago i dusted of my old watercolors that had been laying hidden in the waredrobe and filled my cup with coffe.
Today i’ll try to illustarte a gobling in just watercolors, i thought. (this is crazy, traying to paint anything with out spoiling everything with to much water).

But when i started to work with the different kind of smuge colors i realized that this is exakly like painting in the computer. Layers on layers, crtl z (litle extra water). Oh god, I swear i felt like picasso everything whent my way.

I hope you all try it out cuz it’s fantastic.
Kim Michel

Ps. i’ll will post my url soon. cheer’s


I find it rather disconcerting that I as an old, well, fart in the graphics business am need full of starting over from scratch. Back in 62 that’s 1962 to you smartys. I was working for an outfit called Batten Barten Bunstom and Dern (Who I am certain by now has added and emulsified several partners) and was quite smitten with themselves thank youbecause they had what was called a big market share. None the less I have always alluded to myself as what we then called a realist however I suggest in my monograph on the philosophy of art, as being an illusionist. why ,one might ask? well too take the process of the flat screen or canvas and intrepret it to others as 3dimensional is an Illusion. Indeed it is a fib we tell to others observing our art. The French call it "fool the eye " were we not to manipulate this process in this manner our art be it realistic(sic Illusion) abstract, non objective, plenaire(sic Fauveist or Impressionistic) and I do not by any thought desire to diminish the Graphic art contingent that has really been the standard bearer for our form in the last 50 odd years. Indeed I have been amazed by the remarkable accumen of the young people I have observed in past weeks. The technology has of course moved beyond the drafting table (although I still have three) and the light box. Indeed we no longer use school paste or mucelage or rubber cement nor the wax we used to replace them with, to do paste up. I remember when paste up and strip ment paste up and strip. we actually used wooden stat cameras. I know what is a stat camera? so when you folks with your fancy rigs manipulate a 3D moving piece of art you really are only an artist with a big memory and an ability to wander into an illusionary place that we all agree exixts even if it doesn’t. all of which is the neatest part of the whole process. If Leanardo De vinchi knew about cyber space He would be the first to try it. And when Jon Van Neuhman built the ENEAC He would have been just as excited to use an Apple or Iv’e Been Misled as much as we. we are in a time of great advancements in our art and in our technology I just hope that we don’t screw it up by making it too entertaining or too commercial. Yours in Art Tawneycocker


I could not have said it better And I as a generalist in art have felt that we have had really no venues for what we have needed to learn and teach yours in art Tawneycocker PS Tawney was my sidekick for 9 years when she went on to the spanuel heaven last fall I am by no means being vulger. Just an old artist that misses his muse. Good luck on your future Jaden Yours in art tawneycocker


This is a good place that I could study a lot, thank you very much.



I’ve just found this forum, and am thrilled!

Some of the other forums for digital art I’m involved with are a little slow with discussions. This however could be really god fun!

I really look forward to throwing my ha’penny in!


Although I’m not exactly new to this site, I just want to say a big thank you for creating this forum. This forum seems to be a wonderful place for heated discussions and passionate debates for serious artists and novices alike to grow as a community as well as an individual artists. Big thanks to the Forum Leaders, especially to Lunatique and Stahlberg. You have been most generous. I’ve watched CG communities evolve over the last decade in a positive direction, and this forum is certainly a postive one. :slight_smile:




:thumbsup: Nice to meet Everyone. The here it Great.


Hello i was just wonduring if anybody would be able to help me or direct me tward some help lol i have been workin with 3ds max now for about 8 maybe 9 months and also vegas video and photoshop for about the same and i just can not seem to figure out how i put models i have personally created into motion picture? i have a couple of ideas but all i can get from my own experiments aswell as reserch is that it may possibly have somthign todo with the “Alpha Channel” BUT THATS IT!!! so any help would be awsome.