Welcome to the Art Techniques and Theories Forum!


Excellent! I’m just a lurker so you people don’t know me, but I have been visiting these forums for a few years now to learn from all the great artists here. I am continually impressed with the quality and leadership of this community. Keep up the wonderful work!

BTW, can anyone tell what the source is for the image used to plug this thread on the main page? it looks so familiar but I can’t place it.


very cool move cgtalk and leaders…:cool::beer::arteest:


Great idea!

Perfect! Especially since I’m only being taught for practical purposes at school. I’ve only had three art history classes, that’s all…:slight_smile:


hey all not sure if i got this right but i thought i red some where that there will be interviews in this section with professional artist. when will these happen thanx for any info


It was one of my firsts sugestions for it… really lots of things to learn from everyone here, but there wasn’t any space for it. thumbs up!!!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Great idea Lunatique, i was waiting for a forum like this for a long time!!!


Wow, art discussion?! Great idea, i can’t wait for the artists out there to submit their work and we gonna dicuss it in very technical, philosophical, historical, and cultural way. I think it will be very interesting


This is great… thanks to all involved :slight_smile:


About bloody time! hehe :smiley:


that’s a piece by enayla (linda bergvist). not sure if she has it up anywhere. she showed it to everyone during a speaking at the cgtalk booth. it was awesome seeing it through a projector at 15’ x 15’, hehe


I’m not much of an artist (no matter how much I try) but I’ve learnt a lot by reading the various threads and seeing what others are capable of doing. I expect that I’ll learn a whole lot more from this forum.

Thanks for all your efforts in getting this up and running!


Fantastic…better get out the beret and head for the lattes.


Great idea. Kudos to everyone involved in setting this up!


Great new forum. It sure will be interesting to read what is posted here and to sometime participate. :slight_smile:

Thanks to those that gave the idea, to those that made it happen and finally to those that will make sure it lasts (forum leaders).


great one, i be sheking in alot on the sculpting bits. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Have you looked at the sticky threads?


Let me put a comment I never write down on any reply I post :

Two thumbs up :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


the good idea about having stickes for that is that those threads could potentially grow into vast information deposits about a specific topic.


I am looking forward to this forum very much. Great initiative.



this is a really great idea :thumbsup:
thanks guys !