Welcome to the Art Techniques and Theories Forum!


Hello and welcome! So, what is the Art Techniques and Theories forum?

For a long time, cgtalk was mainly a place that focused on 3D graphics, and eventually, we started getting more and more 2D artists joining the community and participating in the challenges, books published by Ballistic Publishing (CGSociety’s publishing branch)…etc, and many of these 2D artists don’t do 3D at all. As we all have witnessed, the amount of excellent 2D art we see on a daily basis at cgtalk has become something that’s awe-inspiring, but cgtalk was still seen by most as a 3D-centric community. There wasn’t an obvious place for the more traditional-minded artists to share art techniques, theories, post tutorials…etc–until now.

Although the Art Techniques and Theories forum leans more towards the traditional foundations of art, it does not exclude non-traditional/3D artists. Anyone who is interested in the foundations of art is welcomed to join the discussions and share knowledge. After all, all visual art, be it 3D, 2D, digital, traditional, photography, design, sculpture…etc all follow the traditional foundations of art like composition, perspective, anatomy/figure, lighting/values, color theory…etc. We all share the common roots and history that spans from The Renaissance all the way to the digital age.

Art Techniques and Theories forum will be fairly broad in scope, but within the boundaries of drawing/painting/sculpting/design techniques, tutorials, art theory discussions, art history, influential artists, inspirations, and legal issues relevant to artists.

You are encouraged to participate by sharing knowledge, inspirations, and invite artists you admire to join our community, and hopefully, we’ll be able to learn and grow as artists together.

Remember, 3D, 2D, photography, design, sculpture…etc are all visual mediums–vehicles to carry and realize your creativity. At the source of it all, is the art, and that is the most important thing. Be an artist first–everything else comes after.


A big Thank You goes out to the Forum Leaders who will be running this new Art Discussion forum:

Robert Chang - Lunatique ([website](http://www.ethereality.info/))
Linda Bergkvist - Enayla ([website](http://www.furiae.com/))
Jaime Jones - Cicinimo ([website](http://www.artpad.org/))

Steven Stahlberg - Stahlberg (website)
Kai Pedersen

Do give them your support and enjoy this new addition to CGTalk!




This is gonna be great! Thanks guys!


A big applause to you guys, I have seen the amount of thought you guys put into this and I am frankly awed . . .

my hat of to you good sirs and lady


This is really a good idea, I think a lot of great discussions will result in this new forum, really excited in the development of this interesting idea.


I’m really looking forward to discussions on this board !

I want to try a bunch of new mediums soon. Gonna be one of my reference points. :thumbsup:


Robert , Linda, Jaime, Steven-

As a suggestion, would it be possible to have sticky threads devoted to specific art fundamental topics?

For instance: perspective, composition, value, chroma, etc?

That way members will have an easy reference when searching for help in these areas-

Cheers, Jeff


This is a great initiative, I’ll spend some time here I hope :thumbsup:


What a great idea, I’m looking forward to this.


thank you thank you! this is a great step for cgtalk :slight_smile: encompassing more and more of art is a great way to keep building the community.
hopefully we will hear more here from the 2D/traditional/etc artists who hang out on this website and come here for inspiration, but don’t often know what to say about the 3D topics.

thumbs up to you guys, looking forward to being even more inspired by everyone here!


Just the other day I was thinking it would be great if cgtalk had something like this, awesome!


Its great to see art itself get some technical discussion and not just the programs, this is going to be a very active place I think.


good luck with this forum. its got great potential. It is definitely one of those things that has been in need around here.


this indeed is something I’ve been looking for. I’ll certainly visit this forum on a regular basis. I hope the moderators themselves take the time sometimes to answer some questions.


thank the gods! cheers and praise =) good luck to you four =) i hope all goes well


Bravo. a constant desire to expand these forums and their capabilities are what help make them so great.


Awesome. That “artists we love” sticky is pure gold.
Thanks guys.:buttrock:


I asked for this. Hurray! :smiley:


There are so many good things about this new section that I want to pull my jumper over my head and zoom around like an aeroplane.:smiley:


This is wonderful. A big thank you to CGTalk and our new forum leaders, thanks for giving up your time for us. We really appreciate it!!:bounce:

Also-- what talented leaders. Cream of the crop indeed :thumbsup: