Welcome to the Alienware Challenge


Hi all,

CGNetworks and Alienware has teamed up to bring you the Alienware CG challenge.

Create a static 3D-rendered image depicting an alien location for a chance to win the ultimate MJ-12 DCC workstation featuring an Intel Dual Xeon 3.2 processor, a NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000 graphics card, copies of EXPOSE’ 1 and other swag!

Full details and instructions are here:

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– All entries to be considered are to be uploaded via the entry system at the above URL. Do not post images that you want judged on CGTalk directly - if it’s not in our system, we won’t judge it!

– You must meet all the Work in Progress (WIP) requirements outlined in the rules and submit all the deliverables.


I have a feeling this is going to be our greatest challenge yet!

Good luck to everyone - you have a massive incentive to do something awesome, so get to work!


Wow :beer:, I think it will be a very great challenge :slight_smile:



3 months as well, even I might finish in time.


Well i’m game! Even though my work pales in comparison to others in this community I might as well try! I think everyone should give it a go, the worst that could happen is you might have a little fun and learn something to boot, and the best case scenario is you win a sweet workstation :drool:


Can’t wait, It’s 5:00 AM here, but I’m waiting for the contest main page to be uploaded. YAAAAWN! … can’t go to bed!


Beautiful. :smiley:

I am DEFINITELY doing this one. Best prizes so far, one of the coolest challenges so far. Good luck, everyone!


I’m doing this too! Yes because of the prize:P but mainly because i’ve never entered one:) *bookmarks like crazy


The funny thing about this is we’ll finally know everyone’s names!:stuck_out_tongue:


3 months… yippie!!!.. I am in baby, yeah!!!


It sucks that the mods can’t enter though… there would have been some amazing entries there.:hmm:


:smiley: this will be fun, i’ve never entered my ork into a contest before!



Holy crap this rules!
3 months…I might even finish this one!


I would love to work on this, but I only have an educational version of the program I am actually pretty decent with. It think maybe winning something with it might be illegal, hehe. Not that I am sure I would win.* I loved the description of the theme, it sounds like it will be really cool to see peoples projects. Good luck everybody


cool should be fun, they’ll be some great art on show :applause:


oooh yeeah. i’m so much in…
this machine makes me dream. can you imagine?? 3gb of ram?:drool:

that challenge is gonna be great!!!



Wow, and good timing too, end of semester holiday break commin’ up soon :smiley:


my ram is only at 512, and my videocard isnt even compatible with maya. Having a computer like that would feel like owning a small metallic/plastic/sylicone god. I’m sure there is rubber and other stuff in there somewhere too. I bet I could render like five times faster with it.


spread the word. This is goign to be interesting

I am searching for ideas:) Post osme inspiration if you want in here. I’ll throw a little bit in:

Shpongle and Infested Mushroom music (goa trance) for that wierd whacky Xen feel (Half-Life) :smiley:


Wow i’m in too