Welcome Fall 2007 Students!


Hi Everybody -

I have forwarded the usernames provided to me, and you should be able to see this private forum now. Post here to share JPEG files of your works in progress, ask questions, or help other students in your class.

Former students who are already added into this forum are also welcomed to read and post here, hope to hear from some of the more experienced people during the term!

While you’re on-line here, you could start putting CGPortfolios together as well. This is a great free service that lets more people see your work, and it could be worth doing even if you also have a personal website somewhere else.



People who have access to this forum are now shown on the Academy of Art group portfolio.

Any artwork you upload to your portfolio will be shown on a central gallery, and your blog entries will be aggregated.

find it here: http://academyofart.cgsociety.org


So, since the critique that I revieved last night, these are the changes I have made, I’ve removed a few lights and brought my shadows back. Although I know that there is alot more work that needs to be done, I have decided to post and see what suggestions i recieve. This render pass is done without occlusion! My biggest issue is to try and solve on this current pass was my shadows, so if there are any suggestions, fire away! Also is if anything else strikes you as being odd, let me know!



Mackman -

That’s getting better. I think the ceiling light would continue higher up the wall, at least up to the height of the shade itself, and shouldn’t be such a concentrated hot-spot on the wall.



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