Welcome Back Cim


I missed you guy :slight_smile:




Yeah, this might get interesting…


Hehe, everybody is coming back to cgtalk


Nice to see you Back:)


aaahhhh…he’s back. LOL, glad to see you back.



Heheheh I took pity on CIM last night, and after discussing the matter with Tito, we’ve let him back on :smiley:

I see you’ve already been posting some helpful comments - keep them up :thumbsup:

I’m hoping we can get this forum back to its old self again…


Cim is realy an original guy. Glad to see u again buddy.





Welcome back!

Hey Leigh, why not just give CIM his own forum channel?
I think it would be taken hilariously well by those who choose to listen.:smiley: kinda like Rush Limbaugh?


nice to see you’re back :thumbsup:


Welcome back, Cimster. It’s good to see that redemption is possible.


OMG he’s back :surprised :scream:


The Dude Returns! :beer:


Never heard of him. Why did he get banned?


im back too, i was away for about 3 months



Nice to see a little objective reasoning come back to this forum.:thumbsup:



:applause: :wavey: :applause:


So are you guys gonna make your avatars green again like last time :scream:?


This should go a long way towards getting this forum back to what it was before.


Now if we can just get back some of the players who’ve departed and weren’t banned.