Weird UV2D and 3D


Weird behavior, after I unwrap a model I try to zoom in the UV2d window and everything disappears. No Focus selection or Frame selection is working the grid and everything is gone in those windows 2D UV and 3D UV.

How can I get to see again the UV’s for the model ?


It seems than only restarting the application brings the grids and the UV’s back. But this shouldn’t be the behavior …


This happens with older versions of silo as well… Saving the model after everything is gone doesn’t break it, so restarting work.


Hi @outburner and @Giakaama7 – hm. You are right. This should not be the behavior.

Are you running the version from our site? What OS are you running it on?

We’ll take a look, but any details you can give us to help us repeat the issue are helpful (once we can repeat it, then we can find a solution). Thanks!


I’m using the version from the site . I’m running it on Windows. The thing is that in UV’s I’m trying to frame selection and It’s not working. Maybe implementing something like reset view and bring it back to frame .


Your version (not steam) windows 7


I’m having the same issue. UV2D camera disappears from viewport and frame selected doesn’t bring the object back in focus. Restarting Silo doesn’t seem to work either (relaunches the scene with the same “unfocused” UV2D camera). Running Win10 and the lastest Silo update from the site.


Same issue here. Running the latest version from Steam. UV disappears when using zoom and need to restart/reload in order to get it back. Working with Win 10 64bit. This was in older versions as well but I always assumed the problem was on my end (some setting I had wrong or something like that).