Weird result when importing object from maya to zbrush


Hi all, as I am beginner, I stuck with another problem in which I exported my model from zbrush to maya at subdivision level 1 to create mouth opening to create inside teeth and tongue. I used split edges and extrude to create mouth bag and then used clean up. When I’m done I exported model in .obj format and imported in zbrush then pressed “Yes” in the warning message to transfer high resolution detail to modified mesh.

But I got totally weird result when I pressed yes. I have no idea why this is happening but I have double checked my model in maya and repeated same step of creating mouth bag and imported in zbrush but same result. Any guess of solution to this problem? Here is the screen shot.


you should of pressed NO
but if i recall right some one had the same problem because the faces come in zbrush facing in
when they should be facing out, so try and flip normals in your other app


I tried several things including flipping normals and many more but nothing worked out. The issue get solved later and I realized that the problem was occurring because new geometry (inside mouth bag) had been added in new mesh. Hence when I import and place yes geometry go weird. I tried project all and it didn’t worked.

Finally I just masked out the new geometry (mouth inside bag) and then projected information then it worked. However I’d to fix some geometry problem but solution was generated.

Thanks brother for your suggestion.


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