Weird popping even when there isnt any keyed movements


Ok so I’m animating a walk cycle and I notice one arm is popping. I go into the graph editor and the curve is smooth so I then just decided to delete the animation for that one arm and start over but then I noticed even when the arm isnt animated, it still pops in the same spot. Whats wrong?
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Is it possible that it isn’t the arm that is popping, maybe the shoulder, or a spine joint? Also is your arm IK or FK, if its IK maybe its something screwy in the rig, I would do a test with no keys on anything, the character in the T pose and try animating the arm around and see if you still get the same popping


hmm well even weirder it seemed the problem was a hidden keyframe…haha. I know that there were no keyframes showing up in the timeline after I deleted them but then after selecting the control for the arm a few times, I saw one single keyframe causing the popping. This seems to be happening a lot now, not the popping but keyframes that randomly appear and disapear in the timeline. This doesnt affect the animation at all though.


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