Weird Fibermesh Rendering problem


So I was making this joker sculpt a while ago. when I created a fibermesh and rendered it, some ugly looking blocks or polygons showed up and I can’t seem to fix it. I mainly used GroomHairball tool, snake hook and move tool to make the hairstyle. The other groom brushes were too difficult for me to use. I didn’t mess with the render BPR settings or anything. Maybe it’s because I used the groomhairball tool too much or is it something else? I’m new to zbrush and this is my second attempt at sculpting. Can anyone help me out on this? I’d greatly appreciate it.


Hmmm dont know what the problem is… would it be too much work to start over?
Fibermesh is hard to control sometimes.
Also doing fiber mesh, it may help to have hair broken into sections/groups/layers so you have more control.


to see fibermesh you have to press BPR
you need to stick with the grooming brushes to you get the hang of it,
its probably the snake hook brush that messed it up,
hold the SHIFT key down like your going to smooth it on the problem area.

could all so hide the problem area and select delete hidden