Weird/extreme texture stretching of unwrapped low poly mesh after subdivision - WTF?



I have a problem

I have a low poly model that i unwrapped in 3ds max (i didnt pack it correctly yet but that doesnt matter, the island themselves are final). ANd it looks ok, textures are not stretched etc. Everything looks ok to me. But the problem occurs when i try to apply subdivision (turbosmooth) to the mesh, then i get weird texture stretching in some places (the ones around the island in certain places) - check the picture below.
I will need the mesh to subdivide because im planning to put a displacement (modifier) on top. So i need the subdivision, but it looks weird/stretch with it. I know it happens sometimes, but this is an extreme case… How to fix that please, anybody any idead?

Picture link here:


straighten up your UVs I say, use the 2 icons that I marked out in red, you’ll see an immediate warping effect if you take one end of a strip and flare it out, so do proper nice UVs instead of having them all over the shop :slight_smile:)