Weird error in viewport visablity


Hi all,
I frequently have a weird problem when I render a bunch of products one by one, I usually put all the products in one invisible null (Invisible in editor/renderer are off) and then I light each product and render it. After a few renders I notice the the last product show up in the viewport render (not the picture viewer render) without any reason, no display tag, both editor and renderer are on default while the parent null is off and even when I turn them off I keep getting the object in the viewport render. The object is not seen in the picture viewer render but since I need to set each object before the final render it is quit annoying to get the last object in the scene. The only solution I found was restarting the scene.
I talked to my colleagues about this and it appears that they also experienced this error. I looks like the last object geometry is stuck in some kind of cache that need to be cleared.
I am on C4D R18.057
Thanks in advance