Weird effect when projecting a normal map



i modelled a base mesh of a hand in maya. i exported it as an .obj and imported it in zbrush.
i didn’t work with UV’s in Maya, i only modelled it, exported it, imported in zbrush. after tweaking in zbrush, it looks like this (not finished, i will work on the fingernails later):

Just for testing, i switched to the lowest resolution, created a Normal Map (Zmapper -> create Normal Map) and exported the texture as a .bmp (Resolution 2048). I also exported the mesh (while in the lowest resolution) as an .obj. I imported the mesh to Maya, added a blinn shader to it and loaded the texture as a bump. I also smoothed the mesh then with 2 divisions. this is what it looks like in maya:

So, tell me what went wrong? I guess it has something to do with UV’s…^^


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