Weird Cluster Grouping Behaviour


I’m having a weird cluster grouping behaviour.
As you can see in this video:

When I group the cube object, the group is exactly at where the cube object. But for the cluster, it is slightly offseted.
Is there a way around this?

P.S. I tried both relative and absolute cluster behavior but still to no avail.


that’s probably because clusters are a bit special regarding their bounding box.
Usually other objects have a bounding box min and max like this -1 +1 etc, clusters are having 0 and 0.5 so when he tries to calculate the center you ended up with a shift of 0.25

The easy fix is just to hold D to change the pivot and V to snap it to the cluster.


Thanks for the info Onouris.
Just wondering where did you get the 0 and 0.5 figure.
I checked the Maya documentation and its not included.


it’s in the attribute editor object display >bounding box information


Thanks for the clarification Onouris.
Everyday, I get to encounter something weird in Maya. lol