Weightmaps and Endomorphs


Before everyone jumps all over me, I know Messiah doesnt support these wonderful functions from Lightwave. My question is, is this something thats likely to change in the near future? Is there some fundamental difference at the core of Messiah that prohibits the use of them within Messiah?

I’m curious why, after so many years, PMG has still not incorporated something as basic as weightmaps within Messiah. I’ve only had the software for a few days, and I’m rigging my first character - one I modelled and weighted in Lightwave, complete with expressions and extended phonemes in endomorphs - and it sort of gets my goat that I’ve lost all this functionality now that I’m rigging in Messiah. I’m learning how to use ‘holder’ bones and all of that - but weightmaps just seem so much more elegant than metaeffectors.

Perhaps someone with more Messiah experience can show me the error of my ways, and explain to me why weightmaps are the tools of the devil :slight_smile:


Endomorphs are supported through the use of SuperBlender. Which I’m sure is included with messiah. If not you can grab the latest version here. http://www.ef9.com/ef9/SB.htm

Now as far as weightmaps go…many people have request some kind of weightmap support or another. (But the simple truth is that you don’t need them…it’s all about bone placement, and if you have to, try fiddling around with metaEffectors). I’m sure that Lyle and the crew are probably mulling over stuff for weightmap support. It’s on the list.

Hope some of that helps.


Thanks a million, mg3d. Saved my arse! Great little plugin! :bowdown:


As mG said, it’s something that’s on the list, though there are other priorities. I’d say that over 90% of people who come over from LightWave make a post within the first few days asking about weightmaps. But that’s just because they’re so used to needing them in LW. I’m not saying there’s no value to having them in messiah, mind you, but what we’ve noticed is that after a little while of using messiah, people tend to forget about wanting weightmaps.

Not only is there far less need for holder bones in messiah, but the system is fast enough that a few extra bones won’t make a noticeable speed difference.

Take a look at some of the sample scenes and you’ll see that you don’t need as many holder bones as you might think. In fact, most of the scenes are just bones at their default settings, with no “fine tuning.”



Pixelnoir vbmenu_register(“postmenu_1493254”, true); - also check all of the metaeffector different options. In M:A 5 and M:s 2 . There are several ways to make a weight object from curves to objects.

Cosman videos are a great investment as well.


Thanks Julez, I bought ALL the cosman videos about a week and a half ago - but i"ve heard nothing from the gentleman regarding shipping. My credit card has been charged but emails go unanswered. Does anyone have an updated email address for him?


you should be getting them soon. Takes about 2 weeks if your in the US.


Joe posted this on the yahoo list back on July 22:

Just a heads up on those who are thinking of ordering Videos.

Orders from the 22 till the 30 of July will experience a delay in processing. I’m moving into a new house and will be coping with internet down-time.

Joe is a reliable, honest guy and his videos are superb - it might be a little while longer until you receive them, but it’s worth the wait.


Thanks guys,

I wouldnt mind so much if I had a clue about Messiah, but as it is, its taking me hours to do what took minutes in Lightwave - could do with a little hand-holding :wink:


Yeah he’s moving from what I gather if a previous post.
So he’s in transistion other than that, tapes really less 9 days for me including weekends.

If you need some help, let us know.
Whats your biggest problem?


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