Weight tool in R19



I have recently downloaded the demo version of Cinema 4d release 19.

I have been using R9 previously for animation.

With the demo of R19, I have been having trouble using the weight tool. When I run the I weight pointer over the model, it doesn’t apply any weight color, even with the model in point, edge, or polygon mode. Has the rigging functions been disabled in the demo version.

Please could someone please help.


If your not seeing any weight colour the first thing that comes to mind is do you have a SDS tag on the object? Also you need to have the object selected in which has a weight tag on it for the weight colour to show. Fast way to activate weight tool is to double click on the weight tag, not sure if thats changed or added since r9. There has been some major changes to character tool set in r13 studio so its quite a jump from r9.




Thank you for response, I have applied all the methods you have suggested. The object has been selected, it has the weight tag and the SDS tag on it. I went into polygon mode and tried to apply the weighting. But to avail, the weight tool will not work.

The only thing I can think of it of why it isn’t working, because it is the demo version. Maybe if I buy R19 then it will work.


do you have assigned the joints to the weight tag?
Just select your weight tag with one click and in the AM click on the tag-tab and put in joint1 and 2 now your weights should be displayed.
If not do a full binding:

  1. delete your weight-tag
  2. select your mesh, controle click select your joints (1&2)
  3. now go to the Character Menu > Commands > Bind


You do not have a skin deformer applied. Simple as that. Like Thorsten suggests…use the bind command. The skin deformer reads the joints and deforms the mesh



Thank you for your responses

I tried the steps TorstenSchneider suggested. In the weight manager it is showing different weight colors, but not on the actual mesh.

And the joints still has no influence on the mesh.

ceen, is the SDS tag the deformer, if it this, it is here…


Hi TiranTiga,

please do not take this as harsh as it sounds but: learn the C4D basics first. You do not seem to have an understanding of the most basic designs of C4D and that is the reason you a lost in rigging here.
There are like thousand introduction tuts on youtube etc. start with the very simple stuff first.

A short intro:
What you marked there is nor a “deformer” but a “tag”. A tag applied to an object holds and applies attributes to an object.
A deformer deforms an object and is applied under the object (to keep it simple).



Thank you for your reply, ceen.

In my previous messages, I have stated I have been using R9 for animation with and without bones/joints for quite a while and came up with very complex animations .

My problem is with R19, but as stated it’s a big leap from R9 to R19.

That being said, could you give me any specific tutorials on rigging in R19 on youtube. please.


I have finally got to work. What I was missing was the skin object. I put it in the middle of the mesh object and the bones/joints.

Here is the hierarchy

-Skin (this is what i was missing)
---- Joint
------- Joint1
---------- Joint2


I got it really really working now.

I think the problem was with my actual mesh. Because I created my character in R9 and transferred to R19, so I think something was wrong with the mesh.

I redid all the modeling from scratch in R19 and I am getting all the functionality of the rigging tools.

So I think I what I need to do is to model in R9 and redo the modelling in R19 and then start the rigging process. It means extra work, but…


I don’t understand why you’ll need to remodel.