Weight test - Need some C&C please


Hello all! Back again with a weight test I’ve been working on. I would love to get people’s input on where I can improve this animation. I am working on some intro animation to give the piece a greater feeling of a heavy object (considers it, cracks knuckles, spits in palms). I feel I have a good start but it needs some more ‘kick’. Any advice?


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getting believable weight is crucial in animation and also pretty difficult so here’s a few things i think could work here:
slow the grab of the sphere, his hands just stick to it, it’s kind of awkward, a slower grab would emphasize the fact that he’s taking his time and thinking it out
also, if you haven’t read Williams’ Animator’s Survival Guide, pick it up and read the section on this exact action. The transfer of weight is usually shown by an arc reversal in the spine, the curve in the spine as he tries to pick up the rock should be something like this–> ( and when he picks it up and the weight transfers, the spine curve shifts to this–> ) it’s the same thing in a walk, when the body in transfering weight it shifts to adjust. In your clip the arc of the back stays relatively the same, i think if you curve the arc downward as he tries to pick up the sphere you’ll be surprised at how much that transfer will read.
Like i said, this exercise is tough but crucial to good animation, which is why it’s important for everyone to learn. Looking forward to an update…


mberrynk: Thanks for all your helpful advise. I have read the Animator’s Survival Kit and highly recommend it to anyone in this field. I tried to push the arcs of my characters back more per your suggestion. I have not gotten to slow down his grab just yet, but I think it’s a very good idea and will incorporate it soon. I definitely need to move his hands some while they are on the ball. They are way too static right now. I will hopefully get to these details tomorrow.

I have added some introductory animation. Please tell me what you think.


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haha, like the beginning animation. One thing I notice is that he should look like he puts in more effort the second time because he actually gets it off the ground, but if you look at your animation and slow it down it looks like he puts in the same amount of effort or maybe even a little less. You could fix this by amping up his second attempt. I think a second step back on his right foot once he gets the sphere up could also sell how heavy it really is. The feeling of weight is definitely there. Just remember, selling weight is all about shifting and balancing (and not just shaking limbs)


The grabbing of the ball is still too snappy.
Make him bend down slower, without throwing his head backwards like that, it´s more realistic that he´d be looking at the ball while bending over, and feel more with his hands around the bottom of the ball before finding the correct grip.

Oh, and when the ball lifts from the ground it seems to have been stuck, make it lift smoothly, as this is more realistic.

You´re on a very good way!

Good luck


Alright! Thanks to both of you for your very helpful advice. I have reworked my animation, taking into account the issues brought up in my last critique. As always, let me know what you think! Next, I’m going to start working on his facial expressions.


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Im not sure if this was mentioned, but his fingers are static through-out the animation. I would give them a little movement. Also, the ball seems like it was glued to the ground before it was lifted. Make the TY curve not so snappy. Other then that looks good.

Is the face rigged? Maybe, if it is, give him more of a strained look as he lifts the ball to sell the weight a little more.

Looks good - keep it up!


From what I can see this is really nice. He appears to be a little off balance for those 2 preliminary steps.

When he drops the ball, the ball seems to jump outt his hands! Like WHAM! Not to the floor, but in a forward motion, maybe have his hands push this action more.

The rest, in my opion, is really cool. Great work man!.. Face, and hands/fingers need animated tho! :cool:


Alright! Here’s another update. I have animated some facial expressions, added shadows and a background. Tell me what you think.




gets better each time you rework it, the facial animation definitely adds a lot of life to this guy. The weight is pretty believable now. The only thing i’d look at at this point is the hands coming off the sphere too early at the end. If you slow it down and watch it frame by frame the sphere kind of leaps off his chest and the fingers open too soon. You might need to have some follow through with the body and really sell the fact that the whole body is pushing this thing forward, not just the hands. Looking good though, it’s come leaps and bounds.


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