Weight Painting


Hi There!

I have been puzzling over this situation for days now. I have created a mesh from a cube with these values. X: 25cm Y:75cm Z:25cm with segments 4, 12, 4 respectively. I have 3 Bones setup with an IK chain like so (o-----o-----o).
The cuboid shape is vertical and is binded to the bones after being made editable. When I do this, c4d as usual paints the weights automatically and creates a smooth curve as I move the Goal for the IK around. The problem is that rather than a curved joint, I would like an L Shaped joint that is nice and sharp and I know this can be done with weight painting however, I just can’t seem to get the painting done right.

I have added some images. The first image shows what I’m Aiming for:

The left is using the default weightings, the right is something i quickly modeled to show what I want when the arm is bent.

The best I have managed to get by messing with weights is this:

As you can see in the image, a proper right angle isn’t formed.
What I’m aiming for is a sharp bend that has those kind of edges no matter what angle. I’m certain it can be done as i’ve seen it before, I just don’t know how to do it.

Any help?

Thanks in advanced for the help!


This is not possible with weighting alone. You need to link some correction morphs to the rotation of the joints, for this.


Thanks for the reply! How would I use Correction Morphs, I have never seen/used them in the past. Is it a tool or is it like Pose Morphs?


Sorry for the double post but a little note to say that this can be closed now.
A little hint let me figure it out.
Thanks for the help. All I needed was a pose morph.
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Glad you managed to figure it out.


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