weight map woes


i dunno if this is simple or not, or whether its even possible, but here goes. In modeler, say you have a simple subpatched object with a weightmap applied to a certain area to it. The points are either 100% or 0%, which means the weight is ramped between the 100 and 0 weighted points, making a nice gradient for bone influence and such. But, when you freeze the subpatches, the weights do not form a gradient between your original 100% and the original 0%. Instead, the polygons created by freezing are all set at 100% till they get closer to the original 0% point, and abruptly switch to 0%. I am wondering if theres any way to interpolate a gradient for a weight between two points for all the points between?..or some way to copy the weightmap from the non-frozen object, and just Project it onto the subdivided one, keeping all the “in-between” weights, instead of creating a fine line dividing the geometry’s weight?..if so, please let me know. If not, that means i have to manually spray or adjust the weights of each point…right? :frowning:


I think Weighter should do the trick for you. It’s shareware, though…the demo is limited to 150 vertices, I think.


hey man thanks…this is exactly what i need done, but is this the only way?..like, theres no way to do this without a plugin like this?


lw does screw up weights when it freezss objects. There are some good weighting plugins to help, either go to flay or search this forum for a thread about this several months ago.

Basically you will have to re-weight objects or at least the edges where they overlap. after freezing. Quite a pain in the ***.


I’ve never had LW screw up my wieghts when I freeze… IF you make sure that points that carry no weight are actually are set to 0%.

I believe you get into trouble if you assume that not applying a weight to a vertex is the same as giving it 0% weight. Unfortunately it’s not.


LFGabel is correct (not saying you were guessing or anything). You must set all vertices to appropriate values. Otherwise vertices with a value of null will have a cutoff, taking into account only the vertices with values.


by golly you are correct. That is what i had assumed. i guess i made an ass of myself lol. Thank You for enlightening me, as this misconception has eluded me for some time. You have saved me :smiley: woohoo!!


That’s good to know…I’ve run into that situation before and always thought I just had to re-weight the frozen model. Thanks for clearing that up! :slight_smile:


i have had problems with characters going to motionbulder when freezing weights. Basically 5 point junctions get clipped. Always always happened to me. All points had weight equaling 100 %. This was always annoying to me.


RP, yeah…I’ve had that same problem. To get around it, I would always just freeze the mesh at level 1, which doesn’t actually add any new geometry to have the weights get screwed up on. Sure it doesn’t look as nice as a higher res mesh, but it’s usually good enough for Motionbuilder and it saves you from having to re-tinker with your weights.


I dont agree about it beeing lightwaves fault, when you froze the nurbs (why???) you made the weightmap linear or whatever, like if you would move a object in layout, add a key, and then add another key next to it, to make it linear without having to do it in graph editor…those new segments made it linear no?..or you could just add the new polys to the weightmap, or play with falloff…


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