Weight Lift WIP


Hey guys,

I’m working on a weight lift. It’s not my character. It’s using the morpheus rig by Josh Burton. All comments and critiques are appreciated!




Add more anticipation overall, for instance instead of having him go straight down to the bar move him a bit in the opposite direction. This gives some build up to his movement lifting it making the weight more convincing. I liked your anticipation shown in the torso/hips before he actually lifts it.

The movement of him sliding back(or just arms/bar) from the force of lifting it should slightly continue past around 0:04 to show some follow through, it doesn’t need to be much just to ease up the slightly harsh stop in arc as the bar reaches the top of its movement.

I liked how you had weight shifts in legs as he raised the bar standing, the only issue I see is in the rhythm. The tempo of the movements feels highly mechanical and looses realism quickly, I would suggest sliding the keyframes a bit to have a better flow in that progression and avoid equal spacing between the weight shifts. That sort of motion I like to do an ease in with the rhythm where the movement is more over more time working to less and less with subtle transitions.

Lastly, nice moving hold at the end to keep it alive.


Awesome comments! Thanks for taking the time to look it over! :smiley: I’ll see what I can do.


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