Wegg's Setuptab.com Down & Out?


Yes, it appears that the support site for pmg’s messiah application is down and perhaps that is the end
of what little support pmg had albeit not their “official” support site.


Hopefully not. There is a ton of helpful info there.

Maybe just being worked on? They still have the “community” link to it on pmg’s page. I would think they would remove that tab if they dumped setuptab.

I know…I’m an optimist…I can’t help it.



I’m also hoping it is just a maintenance issue and some other temporary pause.


Hey Rick, looks like your optimism paid off this time, the setuptab.com is back online.


Looks like whoever was in charge of paying for the Setup Tab domain fees has failed to make the payment to keep the site alive.


I emailed Fori and Paula, but received no answer. I can’t believe they wouldn’t keep it up as the only real resource for messiah.

I believe it’s been four days now. Very disappointed…



Doesn’t look good at this moment although you never know.
Might just be too busy with other affairs and haven’t been able to get around to paying the bill.

If simply abandoned, it would have been nice if there had been a head’s up about the plan to disconnect.
Might have given others who might have been interested a chance to offer an alternative approach and/or offers of help with the payment to keep the site alive.

Hope for the best and plan for the worst as they say.
Hard to plan without any attempt at communications from pmg or even Wegg.
Somewhat flaky for sure.


Is anybody here? Where now are going to users?

When the host of LW in the Messiah are lost morphs. More precisely, the Messiah did not see the object cluster: 0 points. Another animation is. If you save the host of the Messiah as fxs- everything works.


It would be very helpful if CGSOCIETY would place the link to this pmG messiah forum in an obvious and easy to locate location on their interface.
I only found this forum via a google search and have yet to figure out where the “MORE FORUMS” button is located here on this revamped site.

I am certain that there are many legacy messiah users who are anxious to have a new location to communicate in and share ideas and questions.

Anyone else here share my feelings on this?


I agree but I don’t know their policy. It was relegated to this phantom zone because everyone migrated to Setuptab.

Now, with Setuptab gone, it would be good if we could get the page back up. Perhaps write the moderator for this site and explain the situation. It would be good just to have a way to get a hold of one another, beyond asking for help.



I think that contacting this site’s moderator would be a good place to start. Perhaps since you were a mod at the setup site you might have more influence than I would.

I was only able to find this forum via a google search and I would suppose that the dozens of former setup members are unaware that this little spot on CGSociety even exists.

Quite a sad situation for those of us who tried to be loyal. When Wegg first created his setup site, I feared that there was a good chance that it wouldn’t last for long and that this CGSociety forum would be abandoned in the meantime for lack of traffic. Thanks Wegg for being an unreliable flake that couldn’t apparently give a rip about those who put their faith in you.


I have emailed them…



Just chiming in here. Did Lyle expressed a way to continue Messiah?


nothing specific…but I got the impression either something that could work with messiah…or most likely from what I gleaned from the posts, Lyle’s own product …



I saw for the first time



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