Weekly Live Webinar Tutorials 17:00 PM GMT: Create Amazing CG with VRay/3dsmax & PS


Hi All,

Just stopping by to announce that I will be hosting a Live Webinar once a week, starting next week, from 13-June-2018.

If you can’t attend it, a Video Link of the Entire Session will be sent to You Via Email or Text, to be Streamed on demand.


The Webinar will include an in-depth step-by-step process of the following:

1-Setting up the V-Ray Render parameters

2-Creating shaders/textures


4-Fine tuning the scene for test renders

5-Final tweaks on shaders/textures, global parameters and render elements for final renders


-Once the Live Webinar has ended; there will be a recorded version; so registered users can Stream/Replay it on demand.

P.S: I hope to see you there!

On a slightly different note, I currently have numerous Free/New Video tutorials on my blog, and will be posting/announcing new ones once every week. :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

J :0)