Weekly Animation Session 5 - Drunk



I am a VFX student at the Academy of Art University, San Francsico,…just wanted to ask you…do u want good lighting in any of your shots?..let me know…i m looking for people’s animation work who want good lighting in their shots so it looks good on their demoreel…and i can use it(with giving you appropriate credits) in my demoreel of lighting.

let me know if interested.


man, this thread is a mess. :arteest: I can’t believe how much fluff I found, people posting stuff that has nothing to do with the challenge… and the challenge itself is a world of chaos.

I think there should be clearer rules, what is allowed and what is not allowed in the competition, and someone to decide when the challenge starts and when it ends, like… precisely, and when the voting starts and when it ends, just as precisely. and a forum thread is far from ideal when it comes to voting.


I know, I know. :slight_smile: I picked up the challenge about a year ago. No one was doing anything with it. The whole area was like a deserted town. Then all of a sudden I noticed people were wanting to start something here but no one did anything. So I stepped up, because I’m like everyone else. I have a passion for animation and would like to find away to hang out with other animators. The organization is a little difficult to keep up with. Eh… I try. I just have a lot of other responsibilities I have to take care of as well.

For the record there is a precise start and end to the challenge. Sorry it used to be posted. The deadline is at the end of the month at midnight (GMT -7:00 Mountain Time (US and Canada)). I’ll make sure to add that to the rules in next month’s thread. I like the idea of making a precise date for the voting. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of that :banghead:. There are other things that I will have to display a precise date for I will have to make a note of that. That information should be up soon enough. I recently found myself with more free time to spare. So hopefully I could really grab this challenge by the reins.

Lmao!!! As for the postings and the other stuff that have nothing to do with the challenge, I can’t move them or turn some threads into threads with a sticky on it. Because I’m not an administrator so I don’t have the ability to do that stuff. I messaged an admin. but I got no response. So I live with it and try to keep everything in a “controled” chaos.

I would like to get rid of some of the threads. Atleast make a couple changes with some of the threads. This one especially because it was apart of the challenge along time ago. So it has no relevance anymore. I would like for it to disappear. It has a sticky on it and I can’t get it removed, I asked.


Hi everyone i am new to this forum . I would like to participate in this contest please let me know when does this animation session ends.


hi all
waiting for your koments) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6v0cc9df7g&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL


I’m sorry but this thread has been down for a few months now. I was running the challenges for a while, but things just got hectic in my schedule so I couldn’t keep them up. I would love to keep them going. If there is a strong enough demand, I wouldn’t mind starting brand new.

Although, as of right now this challenge has been down for a while now. :cry:


Hi Everyone,
I am suresh kumar, i want to know about my animating level and want to keep improving. So your comments will help me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg31D4V3eoY expecting ur comments…


If you have the time to run new competitions, (and assuming demand is high enough) I would participate. I am just starting out with animation and figure challenges would help me improve.


Hi There,

In What kind of animation we are make. In 2D animation or 3D animation.


Hi everyone. Quite new to the forum, amd currently working on my animation and need some exercise. Am up for any challenge. Looking forward to the renewal of this thread. :drool:


Guys lets bring this shit thread back to full swing,A topic Based on any book/Novel we’ve read


Use to participate on here a few years ago, then this thread like disappeared into the depths of the abyss. I would really like to participate again… lets get this thing back up and going!


guys lets start something!! maybe some experienced animators in cgtalk to step up and start a challenge here!!


Great Post!

Actually i have Created simple video in flash and now want to created into 3 D. Can you please help me…

I will ready to pay you or if anyone interested.

Please find the youtube video url: http://www.youtube.com/user/thenuclearfriends


sure i would love to help…i can do the opening scene comfortable,…where birds are flying and stuff!..can do modelling,texturing,lighting and compositing!

email me personally for the rates and stuff!



i’ve finished up with my classes and took a break from everything and just played games as much as i could…with that out of the way, i’d like to get back to animating new clips, and if anyone would want to start it up once again i’d be more than happy to participate!


with respectfully…just wanna ask …i am just curious the last animation you posted is showing uploaded 8 years ago on vimeo…is there something wrong with something? i am kinda confused …
sorry if i am sking in wrong way…just curious…no offence :slight_smile:


check the date of the challenge. Was in 2008 or so I don’t even remember. Hope that will solve your confusion.