Weekly Animation Session 5 - Drunk


As a animation student i’ll be participating more on these animation sessions, it’s a great break from all the poly modeling and digital painting, animation rocks…! :buttrock:


I think the problem is that there are not enough people participating, also one week is often too short for creating an animation especially if it’s done during spare time and evenings only. Maybe it would be better to have a monthly challenge?


Ha, and if there was a monthly challenge and the person in charge has a full time job as well, I highly recommend working with at least one or two others to share the workload to keep up the challenge and be involved.

Set your ‘display options’ to ‘Last Year’ and you’ll see I’ve tried to keep up a monthly challenge. Proud to say we went for 17 months :buttrock:

I really thank those who wanted to help me out but by then my strength to keep up the challenge and include others was not enough.

Anyone interested in starting their own challenges and would like to hear from my past experience let me know. I’d be GLAD to help you out.

On a side note for those who remember me, I’ve been working for over a year at my company and I’m doing full time rigging and animation!


Hope is not too late. Here´s my try, just drunken poses yet. Any C&C are very welcome.

About these exercises , I think they should still on forever, so will be usefull to people now and in the future.


An update:

Any C&C are welcome!


Funny you mention this…im working on a drunken speech skit ill post some video when i get more done…


Soooo… practicly there are no more new animation chalenges?


Maybe we should try and start up some new challenges like SirRon suggests. Anyone who is as interested as I am speak up and maybe we can start a suggestion thread and then vote for that monthes topic. I am typing this from work but I will check back later and hopefully someone else will see it.


Start it up.I am ready to do something


I like the idea! I know I’d be using it alot… Probably the hardest thing for me about animation is figuring things out to animate… If people come together and share ideas… I know that it would help me out so so so much!!! I’m sure others would find it useful as well…


I’d love to do a challenge.
I think after a few years of on and off animation I’m good enough for a entry.


Its been a while but, here is a drunken stumble…an assignment i just completed for Animation Mentor…

let me know what you think



He guys

I’m hoping people still checking this thread … I am hoping it is still possible to get the Animation Challenges going again would really be great … :slight_smile:


great i will try to get something done…
when is the deadline for this challenge


If you check the thread titled March Animation Mini-Challenge that should help you find your answers.

I hope to see you make it in to this month’s challenge :cool:


Made this last night… the dalogue doesn’t really match, but it seems on topic.
Drunk tyrel


I’m new to this forum, so if we could keep the challenges going, that would be awesome! I’m gonna do 11 Second club also to keep up on practicing. I hope we keep it up! Thanks.


If you click on THIS link it will direct you to the main challenge thread. There you will see what we are doing for this month and the rules.


Hi all …

This is my Animation

```php http://www.4shared.com/file/hBaPbnCl/Double_bounse_Walk.html ``` </font>


Hi alidiscreet,

Sorry for the confusion. This particular thread is a “broken thread.” It was created a long time ago and has never been taken down. If you would like to join the challenge please follow this link ([color=Cyan]Here[/color]) and you can start on the new one with us.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope to see you in our challenge.