Weekly Animation Session 5 - Drunk


Hello all!

This is my animation:



still a WIP (mostly just timing adjustments and fixing curves left) but i figured id post what i had so far.



Hi all
This is my drunk animation I have hope that you will like thi idea. I make this with out references. :slight_smile:


here’s the final version. http://vimeo.com/2066646

i hope there’ll be more challenges after this.


Is there a submission date for this?

can i still enter? cuz the topic on this one looked really cool! :beer:


Man good work! congrats, I like the cam move to, very good.




A drunk?

I did one of those for one of my AnimationMentor assignments. Youtube messes up the synch a bit but the synch wasn’t great to begin with.:slight_smile:


and here’s something from long ago, an Animation Showdown entry called “queezy” (not quite drunk but close to it)



Hey F-star, I saw your animation came in second place for that month. Congratulations!


Ha ha ha! That is some great stuff. I really need to find time to practice animating more, if I could afford animation mentor I would be there without a doubt.


This is the longest week ever!


heheh truth.




give us your comments,
thank you[b]



Why did you post that here?this is for the 3month weekly challenge


sorry for interrupting into the discussion I have a doubt, is it possible to upload swf file into youtube, because i learning flash i can upload flash animation into my blog http://clipsfunny.blogspot.com/ but i like to upload flash script file into my blog as if working like swf file, please guide me or give me any suggestion, if u can please mail your reply to my mail selvadcreator@gmail.com

   Unfortunately I don't know, have you tried uploading it already? I'm sure someone here should be able to help you but it's a bit quiet in this corner of the forum so maybe post the question in another section, although I'm sure you will get a answer from here within a week, no wait, I mean, um, err, yeah about a week.


Haha well this sucks… I found this challenge too late :slight_smile: I came up with this idea on my own and have been doing an animation, getting critique over at 11secondclub.com. Here’s the link to the latest version:


And the thread on 11secondclub:



Beautiful! I keep thinking it’s mocap or something along those lines. Very slick. I like the overlap and facial timing. Do you have any WIPs?

EDIT: its okay i found them, no worries mate. Good transition from blocking to polished.


Nice work! I really like the overall movement and the overlapping actions. Very smooth. :slight_smile:

This is my first time to join an animation challenge. I’m not sure if it’s still OK but might as well ask for some critiques on my “drunk” animation. :slight_smile: Here’s the link:



Here’s my take, it’s quite late, but there hasn’t been a new topic, sooo…

A block-in. There are parts I know of that I should have added more poses and there are parts where I added too many and was unnecessary. Critiques would be nice. Thanks guys.


Anyone know how to embed Youtube videos?


Man,this is ridiculous who’s ever in charge needs to do their job.This session is taking way to long and then the person in charge doesn’t come in to say anything,great job!!