Weekly Animation Session 5 - Drunk


Welcome to the weekly animation session 5. This weeks title is Drunk

Please get your character drunk and animate him trying to do an action while drunk. For example: Walk, run, trying to climb steps, trying to open the car door, etc.

You can use free rigs.

Please upload your videos to vimeo.com and post the link here. make sure to post the WIP’s so you get critiqued.

If we get more than 5 entries I am buying everyone beer.

Lets do it!


blocking01: http://www.vimeo.com/1688946

Started the initial blocking tonight. Obviously, extremely rough blocking only, missing quite a few breakdowns and the timing. Will get it further along tomorrow.



double post.


Nice topic!
I will try to make something out of this :wink:
Need more animation training. To much visualisation. :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome will start this later today with initial blocking. Never animated someone to be drunk before. Aside from my first aniamation which was purly by acident. :beer:


blocking02: http://www.vimeo.com/1696002
blocking01: http://www.vimeo.com/1688946

only had about 45 minutes to tweak the animation tonight from it’s previous rendition, but any feedback would be appreciated. still plenty of in-betweens needed for the second half and the timing is also pretty rough. hopefully, I can make some significant progress on this tomorrow.



In the spirit of animation and drunkenness… Here’s a link to my 11SecondClub entry of last month which happens to feature a drunk guy passing out…



cool man, in next I will participate, only looking for while.




Cool ideia, looking forward to next one…

good luck to all



Hi everyone! Is this session already finished? I just saw this today and I was hoping I could still join. But if I can’t, I’ll just wait for the next one. Oh well… :slight_smile:


I checked for stickies but could not find any…whens the due date…is there a length…etc or just make what you make. I just need to know the deadline!



I like this title ,haha.ok,I will work hard! wait soon…



OK,I finished it~


Hi, everyone. :slight_smile:

There’s my old animation that fits this challenge pretty well. Because of it’s sth old, I don’t put it here as a challenge animation, because it’d break challenge rules. All i want is to show it because of theme is fitting.



Quite nice animation… you need to pay more attention to ease in and out in animation curves as well as the lack of animation of knee sviwel angels (max) - it would help a lot in this situation to make his knees float a lot more. Good luck for your future animations!


Nice. Looks a bit like slow motion in the beginning. The jump is good but I think catching the top with his arms so bent makes him look too light, if you straitened his arms a bit after the catch then bend them again as he lifts himself it could look better. The climbing and falling over the other side is good, made me laugh.


is this one going to go on for a while? i was going to jump in on the next one but if this is going to be up for a while, i might just do this one this week.


I was thinking the same thing. When does this session end and the next one start (not that it would be a bad thing to do all the current and past sessions).


Thanks Respawned very much~ I will change my ainmation with your suggestion~ thank you again~



Hi everyone!
I hope it is not too late to send this WIP. I think the idea of this animation sessions is really cool! Please, feel free to send me feedback.
:beer: Cheers!