Weekly Animation Session 1 - The Jump!


Time to jumpstart this forum.

I am going to be holding a couple of quick weekly challenges over the next couple of months. Going to be focusing more on the physical side this time.

Without further wait, lets get going on our first weekly challenge!

This weeks challenge is:

The Jump!

Have your character jump forward from a standing position. Animation needs to convey good anticipation and timing. Character can be jumping over a gap, an obstacle or just jumping forward on flat ground.

Your character can be a biped or quadruped depending on how much challenge you want. if you are a beginner animator you are more than welcome to use a bouncing ball for this challenge.

Please post all WIP’s and final animations in this thread for critique.

This challenge will run till Sunday the 26th. New challenge will be posted next Monday.

Good luck guys! Lets make it happen! :smiley:



very nice topic…
very basic, but gives ALOT of space to move around and try something new…going to start mine now,lol

good luck all. :smiley:


Yea keeping it simple so people can focus on the animation and finish it in the timeframe. I’ll post a WIP by tonight I hope. :slight_smile:


Alrighty then, this sound like a nice one that I might actually see myself completing, good challenge. Im in.


I will see if I can finish on time, I have to be at Comic-con starting Thursday so I am not sure if I will have enough time to finish before the weekend, but I will certainly jump back in on Monday. :slight_smile:


would jumping on the spot from a high ledge or diving block still be considered as a jump or is it more of a ‘leap’ or a ‘fall’?

I have a scenario where i get my character to stand on the edge of a high platform and he’s hesitating to jump, and in the end he does.
but if thats slightly out of the rules in terms of subject matter then i’ll stray away from that one.



As long as he is jumping forward it is fine.


Excellent!! I was hoping to find something like this here, I really need to work on my body mechanics (as well as everything else, lol).

One question, do we link video of WIPs and finished work on youtube or something? Or is there a way to upload in quicktime, so that we can critique/get critiques with frame-specific feedback?


You can upload to vimeo which is MUCH better than youtube:


Or you can use your cgportfolio animation hosting if you are a cgs member. or just host the quicktime on your own web server.

For WIP’s please have a frame counter in there guys, it makes it much easier to give critique.


Hey all hope yours is going alright,

as for mine im just about a 3rd of the way there…had the extremes blocked out first, and then moved onto tweeking…
heres the playblast of it

The Jump

please give any tips you see fit while i still work on it…

and be gentle please, this is my first attempt at ANY challenge :smiley:

also, is there any way of posting the vid to stream from the site onto this forum.


Hey sheep,

This sounds really interesting. I may give it a go with a bouncing ball or a simple character. I was just wondering, is posting our WIP inside this current thread going to make it really messy?



Nethstar - Great start. I have one suggestion. With out a frame count its hard to describe where it is but between the second and third seconds your character picks himself up on his tippy toes. I think in anticipation to that I would suggest that he would shift his body weight forward and center himself more with the front of his feet as he rocks up to his toes. :applause:


I think I am going to try this challenge. This will be my 1st animation challenge on CGtalk. It should be fun.

Do I need to rig a character or can I just show a biped jumping over a gap? C


I dont think it will be a problem. There will be a dozen of us entering at most. In the future depending on the number of entries we might decide otherwise.

For now lets keep posting in this thread and EVERYONE give feedback and post WIP’s please. :slight_smile:

You can use biped or any other free rig.


Nice start. A couple quick pointers:

-You need to break some of your poses. Take the animation out of spline mode and put it in stepped mode. Then go in and put in your key and extreme poses. For your anim those would be the beginning > anticipation > step forward > goes down for jump > jump forward > highest point in air > goes down.

Make sure those poses are all great before you worry about anything else. Right now your arms are tweening and the timing is way off. Once you have those poses you can put it back to spline and open up the dopesheet editor to quickly move those keys around to time the anim. Make sure everything is keyed on the same frame and do not move individual keys before you start polishing your animation at the end.

Hope this helps and keep us updated!


Hi, I think I will post tommorow my first attempt )))


thanks for the tips so far…

I managed to revert everything back to stepped mode again and work on my extremes and key positions. (or what i think were the extreme/key poses, i need to do more animation on the whole to learn what are correct key poses etc etc.)

I also put in an extreme (which i thought was in there already) for the part where he tiptoes for a kinda semi-jump. tried to take onboard all info you mentioned and am still working on it, but for now, here’s the blocked version …

WITH Frame count :thumbsup:


looking back on it now the timing is a bit dodgy…also another thing to add to my list of things to work on.


Hey, this is fantastic! Really want to get back into focusing on animation. I’ll be sure to check back here after completing the tornado FX challenge. Cheers.


Here is my rough blocking http://www.vimeo.com/1408595
I am keeping it simple since I don’t have much time to work on it. I am just concentrating on the body mechanics.

@ nethstar:

Nice work so far. My main critique would be for the step forwards at the beginning. That motion looks kind of stiff, make sure to lead your steps from the hips. Also as you mentioned, the timing could use work. Make sure his leap up into the air reads well (i.e. you might want to hold the in-air pose a bit longer), so that we can really see him falling. Good luck



long time lurker - first time poster… thought i would have a go at this because i need to work on my animation. i’m relatively new to animating so i went with a simple character (a ball with legs).
here is my blocking http://www.vimeo.com/1410791
let me know what you think.

thanks :slight_smile: