Week 4: WIP/Homework Submissions


Justin Matthews week 4

Hey all,

If you’ve seen my other stuff, you’ll see that i’ve completely revamped my image. I had a hard time trying to get my story across so I sat down and did some freewriting to solidify my story. I feel like that is successful now. Once I did that, I decided to redo a good portion of my image. I spent most of the day yesterday and today working on the coloring and hope to finish everything with the final details tomorrow for our final submission.

C&C welcome, thank you.


Ginger Opal, Week 4

I’m so impressed with everyone’s work! Everyone should be extremely proud of themselves. My piece isn’t as polished as I’d like, but I finished it enough to hand it in today. I’m still open to critiques because I plan to keep working on this later, mostly adding more details like curtain tassels and such.


Fernando Suarez Groen - week 4

My 3 thumbnails. I decided to go with the first one as I think it gives off an older vibe, but with a little bit more colour variation.

And this is my final version. I added some additional details such as the broken clock. I am happy with the final result and learned a lot doing this challenge!


Adam Shepherd, Week 4

I had a good time with these because I had a very specific lighting condition in my head when I did the value rendering. For the most part I sticked with that, but it was fun to kind of reimagine a sunset lighting in a full moon type of lighting scenario. I went a little bit nuts with the saturation though :smiley:


Jonas Quidsinski, Week 04

theres some very impressive images in this thread this week, good job everyone!


Daniel Robson - Cyberpunk - Week 4

I liked number 1


Robespierre Araujo - Week 4 - Just Explorations. Hope to be able to finish soon.


After watching half of videolibrary of Trent Kaniuga I finally grasped something about coloring that…
Added a lot of texture and some foliage as well.

Aleksandra Spieczynska Week 4


Oleksii Rostunov. Week 4
Values + composition correction

Search for color solutions

Development of the first variant


Christina Bai, Week 4

Still WIP and I haven’t started drawing the main characters, but this is much better than yesterday’s version so I’m happy with it LOL. This is a type of tone that I never dared to try before. I feel like I’m hallucinated by a mushroom after staring at all these colors for a long time :joy: Really enjoyed painting this.


Managed to put some colors to the intial value piece from week 3. I honestly have a lot to improve on painting and applying colors, but I had a great time while trying to achieve the best result on this, considering the short time I had.

Here I’ll repost some of the work I did for the previous weeks, and I’ll detail the story in the “Final Submissions” section.


Rafael Sato - Week 04

This is my submission for this week.

My composition was confused. The robot was fighting for attention, so I decided to remove it and focus more on the tower. I also added a character to give more scale notion and add some history.

Any comments are welcome.


Color schemes



Here is my base color comp for the thumbnails. I’m not very good with color or painting so it was hard for me to finish this. Was thinking of doing one is a sunset type color and one is a sunrise type color. Also have one kind of lite from behind like the ceiling from a gas light. Might come back to finish this when I get better with color and digital painting.


Is that a giant? It seems as tho the table near him is at about knee height and if that’s so then the one in the front is probably the same size so it seems like he’s about 20 feet tall? I suppose the tables could all be low to the ground. So I’m just curious about the perspective.

I think I like the coloration on the 4th one (bottom right corner).


Hi, here’s my progress on week 4. Any feedback is welcome. I love the incredible work I’ve seen, its pretty awesome so much talented people, and Thanks David, and Corel Paint, for taking the time to give this course, I enjoyed it a lot. Can’t wait to see the winners


Great job, @Aditya Prabhu! You really pushed this one to a nice finish, and now the attention gets pulled to all the right places! :slight_smile:


Karlen Tam Week 4

Still working on it but here’s my WIP


This looks great. I do almost wish it was darker however just because I feel like you have a lot of glow from the tower light and it would be more dramatic against a darker sky coloration. I’m almost wondering what’s making the glow SO bright when there is still a lot of sun in the sky. Hopefully I’m making sense and I do like the way this turned out. Nice work!


Hehe, At first glance, I thought there was a wedding going on in the moon between a couple of dinosaurs or something like that. Is there something going on there or is that just the surface of the moon? I do keep looking at it.


I kind of miss the robot driller even if I did think it was being tortured at first :slight_smile:
Nice job on creating that feeling of distance.