Week 4: WIP/Homework Submissions


Totally, with mine I had quite a different idea before the color comps. :slight_smile:



nice color schemes. I Like the reddish one bit more. Although I’m having bit hard time focus on your piece. I like that there’s a lot going on but I’m not sure how to describe it just doesn’t feel seated/fixed or maybe it’s cause the values are similiar. I guess that’s why I like the reddish one more the contrast is more distinctive


I just get overwhelmed when I try to do value. I need to practice more!


Brian Lorenz Week 4 final
There are still things I would like to change but, overall I’m pleased with the result.


MJ Pajaron, Week 4

Hello everyone,


Here’s a link to my color studies that I did and a final version. I’m not happy with the past submission that I made, as you may have noticed I changed the design of the elements mostly in mid and background.

If there’s anything I need to fix please do let me know. Thanks! :slight_smile:



Vladislav Andonov - Week 4

Hi everybody,
OooooK, My piece this week. It was again a lot of work with all the people and the open space environment. So I’m submitting my work at the very end of the week.

I made 5 colour thumbnails. Not so different one from other, but still variations. Even though I like all of them, I choose number 1. Very pastel like colours happened there. Then I decided to try and mix number 1 and 2 with layer modes, to see what will happen, and I’ve got another acceptable and pleasant result.

So I took that one for refinement.
Even though, now that I’m looking at number 1, I think I like it more. I should have taken that one for refinement. But it is too late.

The final, it is not done yet. Still needs a lot of work here and there and colour corrections. I hit some places with wrong hues. I removed the road. The chariot and people are going on the same square.

Yes, and Thank you David for helping with the composition. :slight_smile:


Lucas Salvador Week 4
Just updating my post with the final version.

I ended up doing a mix between 5 and 8.


A small update and not a final one yet. Bogged down in color variants and still not crazy about what comes out.

Pavel Goloviy, Week 4.


Thank you so much for your suggestions! I haven’t started working on the big bird yet so it’s ugly, but I really forgot to draw shadows of the stones… also I found that I should add some shadows to the foreground plants because everything looks flat and stiff. Still have a lot to do but thank you again for your help!!


I think your #2 is the most balanced one in terms of color. #1 is good too and indeed the most positive one. I would reduce saturation and color diversity in shadows if you would like to go with the first variant. I like the yellowish and violet colors of the lit building, very nice!


The clouds tying into red canopy is nice touch.


Not final yet, I’ll still work on it a bit tomorrow. I also started adding some ornaments (the squished spheres things) on the pillars that were not in the greyscale image; the pillars just looked too empty with only the pattern on them. Who knows, I’ll probably do some other changes too as I progress.

Gabriela Bacila - Week 4


Anirban Week-4

Here is my final submission for week-4 Final Color and Illustration. I added lot more details in the fly which I didnt planned before like the carpet, table, a rack for keeping his bows, trunk. All these came into my mind while I was adding the details. I also played with the scale a little bit. Hope you guys like it. I really had a lot of fun participating in this competition. David is really nice and great teacher to learn form.
Comments, feedback, suggestion are always welcome…


It’s been a long and hard week :smiley: I changed the values a bit based on the feedback from the last session and had fun (stress) with colors :smiley: :smiley: These weeks have been the greatest, a lot of awesome people with huge creative potential, I have learned a lot from all of you. Thanks :kiss:

Alex Baston Week 4


Hugo Vedes, Week 4

From past week i continued adding details because it was very basic and incomplete

… used some textured brushes so the scene wouldn’t seem so “clean” and empty. Was adviced to add people but didn’t got the time to do it, maybe next time!

finally started adding color today.

Thank you all for the comments and for showing your art and technics!


Thanks for the feedback! I’m indeed struggling with colors, I want it vibrant but not everything can be saturated or saturation will loose its importance. Thank you for the input :slight_smile:


Asta Muratti, Week 3, Tipi Plains color test


Aditya Prabhu - Week 4 Final

Final reworked piece that I made after certain suggestions and changes thanks to @Lyraina. I decided to do without the auroras as it was taking the attention away from the orb in my opinion. Nonetheless, It was great fun to work and learn with all of you guys!


Wow, thank you so much!!! Problem solved!! I realized that you can’t use two types of brushes (i.e oils and watercolors) on one layer if the layer is “default”. Never knew this matters.


Hey guys! Here is my color variations for this week.

From the beginning I wanted to create a dangerous entrance to a magic, evil place so, although I was between 2nd and 3rd option, I went with the 3rd because purple/blue fluid lava was better for creating the magic environment I was looking for.

Paula Garcia, Week 4