Week 4: WIP/Homework Submissions


Your work is amazing! My favorite are the ones in the 2nd and last row.


Jennie Griswold / Week 4

Here’s my week 4 final piece. I’d never gone from greyscale to color before and it was definitely a learning experience! I ended up opaque painting over most of it in the end.


Here’s my week4 colour thumbs and final colour.


few color studies


Rachel Finley, week 4
Been so busy visiting family this last week I didn’t make the progress I wanted. If I have time I’d like to fix some more things.


This is awesome. I really like the first one.


Thank you! :blush:


Well, this is my Week 4 WIP again… Only half done and still messy :expressionless: It’s like a paint-over and the greyscale version became a reference :joy: but I’m having so much fun!


Van Eliot Santos, Week 4

Setting apart foreground colour, midground, and background is still a challenge for me. As for my final submission, I think I’d go for the one on the lower right.


@Van, I think what might help you with separating foreground, midground and background is if you focus more on value than color - while painting, turn your image to greyscale every now and then to see if it looks good and clear! The further something is away, the less contrast it should have (as a general rule, there are exceptions). In your case, you could push the background back further by taking a “lighten” layer and just get rid of some of those darkest darks. Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

here are my color schemes and the final pick.

Denisa Urbanova Week 4


Hi Pawel,

I like the top right one as well. It has more vibrant and interesting colors. The bottom one is something “you’d expect” and bit dull compare to the others. Also the toxic green one is interesting and I think it could work if you had bit more variation to the greens. Anyway really nice job.



the daylight version is really nice. I like the way you have your particles flowing. It could be interesting if the particles reflected also the blue light on the rock.



great progress. I like your color schemes :slight_smile: As t0berry suggested you could use a bit of fading effect. I think you got the idea and maybe if you use the detail airbrush over the mountains and masking it out it would give better depth effect. Look at week 3 webinar Mr. Harrington uses the airbrush on quite a few examples.


Thank you, @FalyneVarger! That’s the one I’ll be doing :blush:



I like the bottom left one as well. I would maybe increase the values in the mid section just a bit so it isn’t as “washed out”
It’s not exactly the same as this one is more night scene but it coudl give you an idea.


Check if the layer is set to Gel.



great work. I love the colors on the bottom one. Just one suggestion you can’t really see the face of the big bird and also if it is the main light source than there should be shadows behind the bird and the stone.


Thank you :). Although I went with 3rd one I tried to incorporate a lot from the 2nd one. This proves how useful doing this color variations is because you can see some extreme options and use what you like. :slight_smile:



I replied to your post earlier but I didn’t notice this post. It’s looking great. If I may suggest on last thing, that is that hanging lights emit lights as well adn it would be great to see it reflected bit more.