Week 4: WIP/Homework Submissions


I like how you did the particles in the sunbeam, that’s cool. I kind of like the lower right one but then I’m partial to that orange fiery color. You should probably choose the coloration that captures the feeling you want best.

The last one with the glowing door is great too but it makes me smile because it seems like the figure is opening her robe to flash us :laughing: Did I mention I have an over active imagination?

Anyway, this could totally looks like a fairy tale. Nice work.


Sorry, I’m just catching up. The switch to use chains is cool, it has me interested to know what that’s all about. The figure in the back looks like some kind of wizard but maybe not sinister enough to require chains? What if you bulked up the silhouette into more a shape like the beast from beauty and the beast it could seem like this was a shattered prison or something of the Minotaur’s realm. That’s just my gut feeling of the story not knowing what you where going for.

Is there a ghost “0” in the middle on purpose?

I like the long shadows it makes everything more epic looking.


Greg Bugtong, Week 4 (Process 1 of 3)

Greg Bugtong, Week 4 (Process 2 of 3)

Greg Bugtong, Week 4 (Process 3 of 3)


I think this is cool. It reminds me of the artwork from Transistor for some reason.

The focal point is really bright and it took me a second to identify the people even though I knew they were there but wow, the coloration on this just pops. Sorry I don’t have anything constructive to share but I like what you have and I’m learning myself.


Hi all,

This is my week 4 WIP… I want to try some highly saturated colors so… the comps are messy and insane… It’s been a crazy week but I’ll try to catch up.


Keith Stanley | Week 4
The House in the clouds, two friends get trapped in an alien world and inside the tree house is a portal that is the only way out. The house is a lot bigger on the inside and rooms change and rearrange, and your worst nightmares come true.

Had a lot of fun doing this course, it was pretty challenging. I’ve learnt a new program and gained some new skills that i will use in the future.


Finally finished the complete greyscale illustration and quickly did a few color thumbnails…Damn I’m so far behind, hopefully I’ll be able to finish the complete color painting until the deadline :neutral_face:

I’m thinking of going wih either the yellowish one or the bright orange one because it suggests a more familiar type of ancient buildings but with magic added to it (I’m depicting some sort of ritual in this aztec inspired environment). The blue one has an alien planet feeling to it. Well, that’s what it seems to me anyway.

Gabriela Bacila - Week 4


The middle one seems to have most pleasing color value to my eyes. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback, Drndee! :slightly_smiling_face:


Inês Pereira | Wk4

Hi! I struggled quite a bit to get the piece painted. I think it is still lack of experience working with the tools.


This is so cool! I like all of the thumbnails :wink:
They all create different, but wonderful atmosphere


Alex Clark - Week 4


Thank you so much :smile:


Aditya Prabhu - Week 4

Refined the grayscale image based on reviews that I received last time. I experimented with different lighting conditions (mainly night) to get the necessary emotive experience and to aid the storytelling aspect of the piece. Critiques and suggestions are welcome!


Hey Everyone Great work I love seeing all the awesome finished pieces of work!

Here is my WIP for the last week Please all feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Week 4 Michael Scotten


Pavel Goloviy, Week 4.

Thumbnails are a bit straightforward in terms of color. ) Final is yet to be posted.


This is going to be a lot of work to clean up! I hope I’ll be able to finish. I’ll probably go with 1 or 2 because a friendly mood works better with the architecture… maybe 1, so as to not make my eyes bleed pink afterwards! What do you think?

Johanna Rupprecht, Week 4 (color WIP)


All of these look neat! I really do like the surreal cool mood of 6 though :smiley: Looking forward to seeing your final!


@Aditya Prabhu Looking nice, I like the storytelling hints you put in there! One little thing - be careful with that glowing cut off half-circle on the left side, I would tone that down a bit - it draws a lot of attention without really telling much about what it represents. Consider keeping the attention on your figure, and maybe even putting some more glow effect towards the big ball structure, as it seems to be fairly important in your image, but right now doesn’t get much value contrast.
Nice work, keep it up!


Gorbacheva Maria, week 4