Week 4: WIP/Homework Submissions


Thanks for the feedback!! I agree with the unusual feeling of the third - I think I might end up combining a few aspects of multiple thumbnails.


Wow, great detail and color.




Brian Lorenz Week 4 WIP
I feel like I’ve got a mysterious vibe going here. Not quite what I was aiming for initially but, I think I can make it work.

I need to fix my lighting.

Making Progress


It is done, I’m really satisfied with the final result.

And the perspective used.


Tried to add more details and refined lots of my edges, did some colours tweaks,
I think adding those grass, roads, flowers,fogs textures/details really brought my piece to life.
Any critique is much appreciated :slight_smile:


Thanks for your comment. Will look in to this soon.


Thanks for the feedback. I was concerned with 5 because it looks too saturated, but I think I’ll go with a mix of both.


Nice one! I do like this one much better as well. Orange and blue/purple always go well together :slight_smile: good use of color scheme.


Thank you. :slight_smile:


Jonathan Stratis, Week 4
I finally got time to work on this piece! I was swamped with work last week so I couldn’t work on it was much as I wanted to. Redid the linework and followed the suggestions to brighten up the scene a bit and separate the values.


Amazing!!! Great job!!!


That’s my week 4 assignment submission

I will try to work more on it.

I couldnt get a decent result with coloring the gray scale so I used week 03 grayscale submission as a reference and painted opaque on top.

Any feedback is welcomed



really great work.Only thing i maybe would change is the size of that cart in the front. For me it seems to be a bit to big in comparison to the rest of the environment.
But hey great work!!!


Seem to work better. Thanks.


Hi all,
Now I combined number 1 and 2….
So thanks again for your suggestions.


I really like the top right one. The combination of red and green works really great.
somehow it looks like a big storm is rising up.
Great work!


I liked the color scheme of 2 and 5.


I love how the technique you used makes this look like an oil painting. I think you did a great job of actually painting all this. You have a good mood here, like this is a son or a hero returning home.

The only thing I wondered about at all was the shadow on the horse. I’m thinking it wouldn’t come to a point unless there were two light sources but I’m still learning about using light myself so…


Thank you so much! I didn’t know that! I’ll play with it :smile: