Week 4: WIP/Homework Submissions


Sasa Miladinovic, Week 4 Wip Color and some changes
Any Critiques & Comments welcome, Have feeling something is just not right.


Smart adding the little graphic on the tent flaps. I like how this turned out as well. Great Job.


Just tried it out. I do like how this one feels a lot more calm in comparison to the warm light ones.


Current progress. Couldn’t get any work hours in during Week 3, so I’m including it here. This is the most challenging stage for me as I have limited idea of how to use color and light in an environment unless I have an image to copy directly from. This class has been a good practice at doing something I would otherwise not get around to do.

Any thoughts, comments, crits, draw-overs, suggestions, etc, all welcome!


If you’re swinging between 5 or 8 can I cast a vote towards 5? The stronger contrast is more dynamic and engaging, where as 8 has a feeling of soft, children’s story book feel I remember from some of the Japanese children book I had seen as a kid.


Hey Brian, for 3 I would suggest adding more colors in the bottom half of the image. Right now the tints are so light, it’s as if you colored in the sky, but didn’t do the rest of the image yet. What kind of mood are you going for?


Juan, right now the dynamic rock formation is fading away and blending into the sky and background, and the most eye-catching focal point are the green foliage. Hope you get a replacement - Wacom ought to give you a discount for keeping that Intuos 1 running for so long!


readwold you got very distinctive mood going on in all 3 of them except the bottom right, and they all are pretty interesting choices so which ever you go with will be cool to see how it turns out. The bottom left gives an unusual feeling like if this is a game, I can’t be quite sure what would happen next. Must be that purple color. But they all look like good starts, so you just gotta pick the mood you want to look at the most, and keep painting!


Rachel, maybe you can take the blue/purple one, and sprinkle in the orange/green strategically to give that monochrome theme another layer of POP! Like he said in the lesson video, right? Balance out with colors on the opposite ends of the color wheel.


Pawlack, the green is interesting, but the top right is the coolest. The bottom one kind of just looks like top right, but sun-bleached or diluted. You got a really cool piece that’s got some JRPG vibe going on for me. Can’t wait to see the final image!


Michael, your mountain needs some fading effect because they’re in the distance, and some fade will help them step back into the background, and allow the tree shrine to pop out as the main focus. Try painting some purple-ish blue over the mountain on a new layer and just lower the layer’s opacity to get a quick idea if you like that look.


Alex, Looking really cool so far! I can almost hear Navi yelling “HEY! LISTEN!” Would be cool to see more moss on those ruins, kind of like Pixar’s Brave. What do you think?


Ben, 2 and 3 gives that building a nice pop against the cooler sky. 3 is leaning just a tad towards too many colors of the rainbow on the same canvas, but 2 is getting a bit too similar with sky and ground. This is tough to figure out…


I’m going with the 3rd but I took some colors from 2nd one :slight_smile:


Here’s my week 4 color thumbnails and final.


I knew this week was going to be painful and I’m way behind. Then Painter crashed on me twice before I learned to set auto save. So, I lost 4 hours and to make it up I didn’t sleep enough. Tomorrow is going to be rough.

Not decided yet which one to go for so any help would be fine. I can also mix and match these. A couple of them are only differences with the lava if I keep it.

At upload I lean toward upper right and bottom right.

I ended up going with the second one but adjusted a few things using what I learned making the thumbs.


weatherly tan, week 4

Here is my color tests and work in progress, decided to redo week 3.


These are all good takes on a desert oasis town. I would pick the bottom right as your best one. It conveys a sense that this place is a cheery haven. The other ones could use some work.
Check out this image it might give you some ideas.


Haunted and and a bit cold, I will get painting.


Thank you, everyone, so much for the feedback.
You’ve been a huge help!

Nadia Hurianova - Week 4. Final.