Week 4: WIP/Homework Submissions


I would like to know, when do we need to submit the final version?


thank you all a lot for your feedback!
I should really give it a try to combine some of them.:+1:


I like colors in the 1st, but lightsource should be as in second :slight_smile:

In this kind of perspective I would advise to put horizon level lower in composition.


I also love bottom left! It hits all the right marks for whimsical, magical, inviting. Blue and purple/pink go together sooo well :slight_smile:


They look super similar right now, except one’s a bit warmer and one more cool. I think the left one works better because it has some nicer warm/cool contrast going on which I like a lot!
It would be nice to see you try some very different mood, maybe a cool and dark one. Just to give it a try :slight_smile:


November 5th – December 3rd, 2018. Follow along with the weekly course, assignments, and feedback to plan, create, and polish an impressive work of art.

23:59 Pacific Standard Time, December 3rd (MONDAY), 2018


Here are my color tests - this ended up being more difficult than I thought it would be! I’m leaning toward the top two, but any feedback or advice is welcome, thanks guys!


Luke Fornari - Week 4

Was a bit of a chellenge for me as I rarely ever work in this environment pipeline of coloring over a value painting, it was nonetheless quite enjoyable to do away from my normal work pipeline.

My general premise with these color schemes is to portray the environment at hours during dusk or twilight, and for the colors to overall evoke an unnatural, almost ominous mood, as it pertains to the narrative of the environment. And from these, I choose to somewhat fuse the first 2 color comps into my final (WIP) piece.

I say this is a WIP at the moment, as I’m still gauging whether or not the subtle photo-bashed textures will be a part of my final submission, and would love to get some opinions on it, especially if it’s a rendering technique that’s allowed for the purposes of this course.

Other kinds of feedback is most welcome!


thank you very much :slight_smile:


Uh oh, looks like my secret is out!


Hello all you crazy artists you. Here is my colour and finished piece for this course. Feedback is welcome. Enjoy


Brian Lorenz Week 4 WIP

I’m leaning heavily towards 3.
Any advice would be helpful.


Your scene gets really blurry in several areas. There some parts like the figure that are fairly crisp in comparison like your figure the stone path, and the tree-house that are in relatively sharp focus. Partly this might be value grouping and the challenging lighting situation you have created.

Like the composition but, it feels like your scene should actually be very dark for all of your light sources to show up. In which case your color saturation in areas not lit up by your light sources should be much lower and the values should have less contrast.

Think about how much light your light sources emit and how far light is cast from them.


Lucas Salvador Weak 4 (WIP)

I was having a lot of trouble in the start to understand what the blending modes were doing with the colors I was choosing but in the end, I just decided to paint the raw colors without much mixing both in the sky and the water. That helped a lot in making more accurate choices because my initial values were kinda wrong and I wasn’t getting the colors I wanted.
In the end, it changed a lot the values but I believe it’s for the best.

Thinking of picking the 5th or 8th.


Reduce the values of the figures in your background, It messes with the sense of scale.


The one all the way on the right is what I’m going with. I don’t really know what I’m doing so any critique will be immensely helpful. Thank you :slight_smile:


There’s those cool bois! I reckon what could make the final environment pop, is a little more depth fog leading towards the top of the tower, to further convey the distance from bottom to top, maybe even a low opacity cloud overlapping the front of the tower.


Hi there Richard.

I hope it helps you because I was having trouble with it too. When we use these blending modes we tend to try to wash the canvas with one color and hope that it will get right, but most of the times the colors look weird and kinda dead.
What happens is that light actually shifts hue along with value and not every type of blending mode is going to do that for you automatically.

In my case, I thought it was easier to do the shift in hue by painting all over again at least in the sky that does not have many shapes and tends to receive the most variation in color (especially at dawn and dusk).


Another thing that will probably help to sell the idea of a giant structure is using fog distance. If you are not familiar with that, in resume the further away an object is, less difference in value will be noticed and its natural color will also change to one similar to the sky.
This usually happens in very long distances, but you can exaggerate it to give this extra hint of scale.

I just saw aquaarmor giving you the same feedback about the fog hahaha.


Juan Pedro Ramos. Week 4 (Final)

My old wacom intuos 1, just died (15 years old, 10 in a storage room, and it still worked!!!) :disappointed_relieved:.
It’s a signal.
I would be refining the piece forever. The next will be better. :slightly_smiling_face:



I am still having a hard time getting use to Painter tools :slight_smile: so my brushwork is sloppy as always, but I at least managed to get the mood I wanted to :slight_smile: