Week 4: WIP/Homework Submissions


Week 4
Michael Callahan

t0nberry has made a comment on how to improve my work and this the result of it.


Have loved watching your progress from week one. Nice job Juan.


Thanks! :grinning:


Pawel/ Hordyniak/ Week 4

So I did some color variations. for my final I guess I use 3rd one :slight_smile:
Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


Hi Nadia,
I prefer the color study in the top. Only think I would maybe suggest, it wasn´t easy to recognize
the two people on the right, maybe you can let them standout a bit more.
But hey, really cool work!!


Hi Pawel,

yes I think number 3 has the most realistic view, if that´s what you are going for.
Really cool work !!!


Jennifer/ Deicke/ Week 4

Hi all,

So here are my color studies for week 4. Not just yet sure which one to choose so please leave some comments/ suggestions.
Thanks a lot!!


I think the high intensity of the lighting in the two on the right work really well with the dramatic viewpoint of your scene! It just depends on what kind of feel you’re going for.


Love this, look mystery


I like the blue lighting it give sense of mystery/mystic


Rachel Finley, week 4 color tests.
My personal favorites are probably the two on the left. I’m drawn to the orange/green but viewing it alone, it’s way too harsh.


I do wonder if the lighting is too bright since the environment is within a forest, but then again it is a MAGICAL forest so it makes sense that it should glow bright! Love the color schemes nonetheless, particularly the top right.


Are you my mom secretly using CGS? lol She said the exact same thing about the forest lighting last night. She also picked the purple. :smiley:
I think I will tone the lighting down a bit. I’ll keep it bright but not quite so intense.


I like the bottom left


Richard Nguyen Week 4
This part was actually pretty hard for me due to the type of lighting that I chose. I feel like there’s things that I can tweak,but I can’t really put my finger on it. If any of you guys have any advice, I’d be happy to hear it.


I really like the top right one, as the composition forces you to go into middle. If you combine that with the blue light, I think it would look really cool.


this is a different process that i usually do and dont really do colour comps so good to break away from my usual way …


Hi guys!

I’m trying to do color comps using digital watercolor brushes. However, I got some issues:
1. you can’t paint white color with these brushes??
2. does anyone know how to use the watercolor blender? Mine wipes out the color like an eraser…
3. after using other brushes (such as oils, pens) my watercolor brush loses its transparency (see screenshot below). I tried to fix it by adjusting opacity but failed. Now every time after switching brushes I have to close and restart Painter… super annoying. Has anyone met the same problem?

I’ve never used watercolor brushes before so I followed week 4 video trying to get familiar with them. I’ll be really appreciated if you have the solutions for my problems. BTW, is there any other brushes that have similar transparency character with digital watercolor?

Many thanks!!


do you have this one, maybe you can change from here


That’s really nice. And I also like topmost… the most :smiley: