Week 4: WIP/Homework Submissions


Thanks alot for the feedback!


This was my color thumbs. I never used the layer modes for color, I just feel that these get too tinted.


Ilya Kriel, week 4
Lost my progress twice. I’m just submitting what I have.


Pavel Goloviy, Week 4. Final.


Yeah makes more sense. You might still want to think about making that table up front a lot bigger but this definitely helped.


I like it and how you painted it.


Here are my color tests for the Week 4 assignment. I found the cave motif to be limiting and decided to use some of Painter 2019’s texture options. To me the results are not quite satisfying, but found this course to be a good way to use Painter more effectively.


Bre Sorenson, Week 4 WIP -

Needless to say, I really enjoyed this part :blush:


Jennifer Heseltine Week 4

Going with number 1.


Hi! During the greyscale process, I actually employed the “lighten” technique but my dilemma was this: I treat the neighborhood of buildings (inside the tunnel) as the foreground, and the outside of the tunnel (sea and castle up the hill) as the background. However, it seemed like the neighborhood of buildings is on its own a family of foregrounds and backgrounds because I have to establish depth between buildings. Moreover, I also thought of lightening the background but I was worried that doing so might make the castle too shrouded in fog and make it less of a focal point.

Thank you so much for your response. Very much appreciated. :smile:


Yeah, I see what you mean. You had a really complex composition, that’s a real challenge to set up nicely! In my opinion, the most important thing in such a case is keeping the values somewhat grouped, so that you don’t have lights and darks scattered throughout the image randomly. I think you did well :slight_smile:


I’ll keep this in mind. Thank you, Lyraina. :slight_smile: You also did great yourself. I love how you kept your piece easily readable as a thumbnail and at the same time having intricate details up close.


Hi Manny, My final webinar link didn’t work, but I just wanted to thank you and David for the course, I really enjoyed it. I will definitely jump on if you do another one!!



:heart_eyes: AWESOME JK!


Thanks! :blush:


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