Week 4: WIP/Homework Submissions


I feel like this is one of Aesap’s tales. You just feel the story.


I think this is just super cool.


Hahahaha, that’s so funny, didn’t noticed it lol


Eugeniy Ivchenkov Week 4
Still think it could’ve came out better on the sketching phase. But… here it is.
As always, would appreciate any criticism or thoughts on how to improve it =)


Thx! =)


James O’Shea - Week 4

Updated value sketch and design along with three versions of the color. Still much to solve with the color and design. Thanks for looking!


Weslley Matheus, Week 4


and the finished greyscale, endless practice


This design is great! it reminds me of visdev graphite renderings from “The Road to El Dorado” For the color comp choice, I really like the colors in the middle(orange color palette).


Hello guys, Here Jonathan.
My Homework for week 4


I also had that confusion. thanks for that I corrected it… now how it looks?


Yeah, It makes sense now that you said it. I think I ended up making it brighter than necessary to compensate for the background that was already pretty bright.

Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s been a good practice lesson, even though I’m not sure I can finish this on time X_X

Went with the day time version to give a feel of a safe haven


Thanks man, I really think storytelling is very important to emphasize the meaning of one’s artwork. I appreciate that. About Aesop, now I feel compelled to search more on his works.


I really admire the people who can draw stylizing like that.


Same here, I like number 2 too. :slight_smile:


Me, I like all of them. :slight_smile:


Oh, this is really cool. I like the mood.


The purple is really cool.


Thanks James! :slightly_smiling_face: Yes, I thought the orange color scheme was the most appropriate for what I was painting and went with that one


hahaha. :smile:
In the beginning I kind of missed it too, but the composition, at least for me, got better without it.
So I think I´ll torture it in another concept. hahahha.

I had some hard times with the feeling of distance. I´m glad that it worked.

Thanks for the feedbacks Jaxilon.